Spooky, Creepy, Dark and Twisty: My October Podcast Playlist (2021 version!)

It’s a gloomy gloomy day today, and I’m looking forward to tonight and listening to a podcast. As it is October, I like to indulge in all things spooky and ghostly and downright creepy. I have scary books on my nightstand, a long list of movies to watch, and on my Stitcher and Spotify playlists, a plethora of podcasts just waiting to scare me! I have some new favorites this season that I am loving setting down in those quiet moments for a listen, with a cup of tea or a glass of red wine. Perfection, especially on a gloomy or rainy night.

First up, my current favorite:

Since attending Franken Fest a few weeks ago, I have been seeking out these stories of cryptids and monsters. I had no idea there were so many! And this podcast – Weston Davis is the writer and host and his voice is so soothing. Like you could listen to him read a phone book, he just has a way of storytelling that is lost almost in this day and age. And this format, like stories being told around the campfire, emphasize those storytelling skills. There is atmosphere to this podcast, y’all. The crackling of a fire, little noises and sounds that fit the story and the mood. I can’t speak highly enough of this pod. Fave Episode: The Jersey Devil (so far, I have so many left to listen to!)

I love this one for it’s versatility – these hosts are my kind of people! True crime and ghosts? Yes, please! And coffee too? It can’t get any better. I love that I can pick and choose which path to go down for whatever mood I am in all in one podcast. There are so many to pick from too, true crime and hauntings and just weird tales, they are all there. Plus yummy sounding coffee drinks! If you are a coffee lover like me, if you pop over to their website they also include recipes for those drinks… I just need a personal barista to make them for me. Fave episode: The Mothman of Point Pleasant

Women and Crime

I just recently started listening to this one as well. I like how these hosts and criminologists have a goal and a mission, and it is not just about being sensationalists about these tragedies. From their website:

“As criminologists, we study females who have been victims of crime, those who have committed crimes, and those involved in the criminal justice system through their work.

In this podcast, we tell the stories of these women, but we also look at the causes of female crime, and victimization.  We will cover cases in which women have been wrongfully convicted and exonerated, and we will use a criminologist lens to look at how women are treated in the criminal justice system. 

Some of these women you may have heard of but we promise to also bring you cases of women whose names will be new to you. Regardless of the type of case, we will cover a new story involving women and crime each episode. “

I am reluctant to say fave episode because of the nature of the story, but I thought they did a very good job at covering the Ellen Rae Greenberg case.

I discovered Ashley Flowers from a different podcast that she hosts, Crime Junkie, and I just like her style. This is another podcast that covers a range of topics, some that can’t be explained logically or just have a twist of the supernatural. Fave Episode: The New England Vampire Girl

This podcast is relatively new, and the host Christopher Feinstein has a full time job outside of the podcast, so there are not very many episodes yet. Feinstein also likes to keep the quality high so instead of rushing his process he takes his time, and it shows. I have enjoyed all of the episodes I have listened to! Also, the intro music is perfect. I only wish that the show summary actually gave a synopsis of what the episode was actually going to be about. Fave Episode: Robert and Friends

This podcast is already well-known, especially among people who listen to true crime. However, I just recently started listening to it. I think the guys do a fantastic job of covering the cases and delivering the facts. Again, not a favorite episode but the one that I think they did a tremendous job of covering is the Danielle Stislicki case. Danielle Stislicki is a case local to my area, and a fairly recent one. I vividly recall when she went missing and how hard her parents worked to bring attention to her case. Her family is sadly still waiting for answers.

So, this is the list of pods I keep gravitating between this month! Have you listened to any? Have any to recommend?

If you are interested, you can see my list from last year here!

Talk Nerdy to Me

If you have been around my blog before, you might know that I am a giant nature lover. I love science, I love nature, and this past year I have been doing a bit of a deeper dive on topics I enjoy. When I was in school, I always felt like I wasn’t “good” at science. And, depending on the type of ology, I wasn’t. I am just not mathematically minded; it comes a little harder for me. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t like it. I think that is a misconception a lot of us labor under – that if something is difficult then it is not for us. I have learned as I have grown older that this is simply not true. I have been reading more nonfiction than ever before, on all sorts of topics. I am listening to podcasts that teach me. I am putting in the time because I want to know more and understand more. And sometimes, our learning is more hands on, with getting out there and exploring nature, connecting with it personally – even bringing it into our home. The feeling this has given me is one of fulfillment and happiness- I am more content. I have always been a curious person, one who gets excited about the small things, and I am hoping that I am passing this on to Wyatt as well.

Anyway, my list! I have found some podcasts that I absolutely love, and here they are, in no particular order.

Ologies with Alie Ward: This is listed as a comedic science, and Ward makes listening to some of these topics more fun than one might think. She does use language that not all people would be comfortable with, but if this doesn’t bother you, this podcast is fabulous. I have learned so much! If it is an “ology” you might be able to find out more about it here! My favorites so far: Gluteology (BUTTS), Bryology (MOSS), and Lupinology (Wolves) (photo is from the episode about gluteology)

Our Numinous Nature: This is a new favorite for me, but it was an instant favorite. One episode in, and I was hooked. It is described as “a collection of reverential stories about nature & its effect on our souls. We’ll be hearing from folks with a deep connection to the natural world, from herbalists to hunters, wildlife rehabilitators to trappers, artists to homesteaders… The hope is to weave together these disparate lifestyles through tales of profundity, love, and awe. Find a comfy log and join us at the sonic campfire.” I am so in love with all of this. And I have lots of thoughts. The diversity in this podcast makes me happy, as this world is not so black and white, there are many shades of grey. The episode that hooked me: Herpetological Spring with Caroline Seitz, a Wildlife Educator

The Critter Shed: Another no-brainer for me, as I have been slowing adding critters to my own home. This podcast is about “leggy things like spiders, frogs, scorpions, newts and more…. In a shed!” So if you like creepy crawlies and little critters and more, then you need to check out this pod! My favorite so far: Snail Tales in “the Love Shack”

Nature’s Archive: This one takes a look from a different perspective – not only are these people experts, they are people actively working on making changes and an impact upon our natural world for the better. It is very inspiring!! I just started listening to this one, so I haven’t heard too many but my favorite episode so far is The Pollinators Posse on Monarchs

Earth Rangers: This one is for kids, but I love it too! Wyatt and I listen together and I love how they present the information in a fun, engaging way for kids. I will turn them on sometimes just randomly in the afternoon, and we listen as we go about doing other things- cleaning for me usually, and playing for him, but then other times I use them to accompany different unit studies we are doing. Wyatt’s Favorite Episode: Big-Eared Bats, and Big Cat Countdown

Do you listen to podcasts? Any science or nature favorites in your playlist? I would love to know!

Spooky, Creepy, Dark and Twisty – My October Podcast List

The closer it gets to Halloween, the more ghost stories I need in my life. The weather has been gray and gloomy, inspiring me to snuggle up with a cup of tea when I get the opportunity, and listen to a chilling tale. I started listening to True Crime after a long hiatus from it, and this month added in spooky stories about haunted places..

Let’s begin, shall we?

Haunted Places is my favorite – I listen to this pretty much everyday, while Wyatt is sleeping. Greg Polcyn has a wonderfully pleasant voice to listen to, even when his stories are not. I love that this podcast is a blend of storytelling followed up with history – you get a nice mix. I am also enjoying the Urban Legends included as well. My fave episode so far: The Pine Barrens, about the Jersey Devil.

I just started listening to this one, and I love it. The Grave Talks is a different format from Haunted Places – it is all interview style, which gives it a totally different feel. I have only listened to a few so far, but I’m hooked. But be prepared – every episode has two parts and to hear the second part you need to be a patron of their Patreon! I’ve been curious enough to consider it! Favorite episode so far: Eloise, which is about the asylum that used to be here in my county, about twenty miles away from where I live, and that generations of teenagers have illegally explored in their youth at one time or another. I know for a fact that my brother and his friends stumbled into the Potter’s Field one night…

Updated to add: My curiousity got the better of me and I signed up as Grave Keeper patron so I could listen to the Part 2 episodes! Well worth the $5 in my opinion!

Lore is an old favorite of mine, I’ve been listening for years. Lore is a nonfiction spooky podcast that takes a look at the darker side of history, and Mahnke always does a great job delivering the story. Also a tv series on Amazon! Favorite Episode: Black Stockings

And since we are talking about dark histories, we might as well talk about Dark Histories the podcast. Another podcast new to my lineup this month, I am enjoying podcaster Ben’s renditions of some of humanity’s darkest moments and strange happenings. Favorite episode so far: I haven’t listened to enough yet to choose

And now we start to veer into more of true crime tales. Unsolved Murders is exactly what it sounds like. It is performed by an ensemble cast which is kind of neat, considering the horrible tales they are telling. My favorite episode: Edgar Allen Poe: A Rigged Murder, about the mysterious death of Poe. Their theory about rabies is very compelling!

Redhanded is my favorite true crime pod right now. I love Hannah and Suruthi’s respectful handling of each case, and they have just the right amount of banter. I am even a patron of their Patreon. And they have begun adding in ghost stories in their special Redhaunted episodes. My Favorite Episode: Glensheen

I am imagining by next month the creepy tales will have run their course with me, but they are perfect for this time of year, if this is something that you are interested in. I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea! And it is not always mine either – but some days, I need a side of spooky with my cup of tea. And with that being said, Wyatt is off to nap and I am about to have that tea and scary story for the morning..

Talk To Me About Podcasts…

In the past year or so, I have really gotten into listening to podcasts. Sometimes I just need something to listen to, while I am working in the office alone in the evening or cleaning or cooking or just sitting and chilling out with my coffee. I also love that they are so niche, there is pretty much a podcast for everything it seems! No matter your interests, I am sure there is one out there for you. Personally, I listen on Stitcher, but there are a bunch of other podcast players to choose from.

So, what is on my playlist? We will start with my very favorite!


This is the podcast that started it all for me. I would listen to it while feeding Wyatt when he was six months old, and it hooked me. I still love it and eagerly await the new episodes every two weeks, except in October when they are every week!! The description from the Lore website describes it as:

Lore is an award-winning, critically-acclaimed podcast about true life scary stories. Lore exposes the darker side of history, exploring the creatures, people, and places of our wildest nightmares.

Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.

Each episode examines a new dark historical tale in a modern campfire experience.

If this kind of thing floats your boat, I urge you to listen! My favorite episode so far is Black Stockings, but the Trick or Treat ones are good too! Well, all of them are, but these are my top faves of the 96 episodes available.

cabinet of curiosities

From the same guy who produces Lore, Aaron Mahnke. This is a newer podcast of his, and the episodes tend to be shorter, but still super interesting! Again from the Lore website:

Aaron Mahnke’s Cabinet of Curiosities is a twice-weekly exploration of some of the most unusual and bizarre people, events, and objects in history.

np podcast

I love this podcast! Such great stories, well presented – it is one I listen to once a week or so because I don’t want to run out, I love it so much. Best episode in my opinion, so far (that I have listened to)? 37 Days in Yellowstone.


So, yeah. My Favorite Murder. This one scares the crap out of me. I always listen to it at work on nights I am in the office alone, because of the language and content. However, it always freaks me out. I haven’t listened to very many, but I have listened to a few really good ones, including one that takes place in my own hometown…

If you are a true crime junkie, become a fellow murderino and give it a listen.

There are a few others that I will very occasionally listen to, including a few kids podcasts, like Circle Round, that I play when Wyatt wants to watch tv and I don’t want him to. If I put on a podcast he is content to just listen and play with his toys or color or whatever, which is much better than being glued to a screen all day. I won’t lie – he does watch television on occasion, but I do try to to limit how much and what he is watching. (usually Daniel Tiger, Blippi, Dave and Ava, or Sesame Street). I am also super excited becasue Aaron Mahnke is coming out with a brand new podcast, called Unobscured. In it he is going to deep dive the Salem Witch Trials – perfect for this time of year! It actually may have already started, I will have to check, but I know it is scheduled for this month sometime.

How about you all? Any podcast listeners out there? What do you like to listen to?