Spooky, Creepy, Dark and Twisty: My October Podcast Playlist (2021 version!)

It’s a gloomy gloomy day today, and I’m looking forward to tonight and listening to a podcast. As it is October, I like to indulge in all things spooky and ghostly and downright creepy. I have scary books on my nightstand, a long list of movies to watch, and on my Stitcher and Spotify playlists, a plethora of podcasts just waiting to scare me! I have some new favorites this season that I am loving setting down in those quiet moments for a listen, with a cup of tea or a glass of red wine. Perfection, especially on a gloomy or rainy night.

First up, my current favorite:

Since attending Franken Fest a few weeks ago, I have been seeking out these stories of cryptids and monsters. I had no idea there were so many! And this podcast – Weston Davis is the writer and host and his voice is so soothing. Like you could listen to him read a phone book, he just has a way of storytelling that is lost almost in this day and age. And this format, like stories being told around the campfire, emphasize those storytelling skills. There is atmosphere to this podcast, y’all. The crackling of a fire, little noises and sounds that fit the story and the mood. I can’t speak highly enough of this pod. Fave Episode: The Jersey Devil (so far, I have so many left to listen to!)

I love this one for it’s versatility – these hosts are my kind of people! True crime and ghosts? Yes, please! And coffee too? It can’t get any better. I love that I can pick and choose which path to go down for whatever mood I am in all in one podcast. There are so many to pick from too, true crime and hauntings and just weird tales, they are all there. Plus yummy sounding coffee drinks! If you are a coffee lover like me, if you pop over to their website they also include recipes for those drinks… I just need a personal barista to make them for me. Fave episode: The Mothman of Point Pleasant

Women and Crime

I just recently started listening to this one as well. I like how these hosts and criminologists have a goal and a mission, and it is not just about being sensationalists about these tragedies. From their website:

“As criminologists, we study females who have been victims of crime, those who have committed crimes, and those involved in the criminal justice system through their work.

In this podcast, we tell the stories of these women, but we also look at the causes of female crime, and victimization.  We will cover cases in which women have been wrongfully convicted and exonerated, and we will use a criminologist lens to look at how women are treated in the criminal justice system. 

Some of these women you may have heard of but we promise to also bring you cases of women whose names will be new to you. Regardless of the type of case, we will cover a new story involving women and crime each episode. “

I am reluctant to say fave episode because of the nature of the story, but I thought they did a very good job at covering the Ellen Rae Greenberg case.

I discovered Ashley Flowers from a different podcast that she hosts, Crime Junkie, and I just like her style. This is another podcast that covers a range of topics, some that can’t be explained logically or just have a twist of the supernatural. Fave Episode: The New England Vampire Girl

This podcast is relatively new, and the host Christopher Feinstein has a full time job outside of the podcast, so there are not very many episodes yet. Feinstein also likes to keep the quality high so instead of rushing his process he takes his time, and it shows. I have enjoyed all of the episodes I have listened to! Also, the intro music is perfect. I only wish that the show summary actually gave a synopsis of what the episode was actually going to be about. Fave Episode: Robert and Friends

This podcast is already well-known, especially among people who listen to true crime. However, I just recently started listening to it. I think the guys do a fantastic job of covering the cases and delivering the facts. Again, not a favorite episode but the one that I think they did a tremendous job of covering is the Danielle Stislicki case. Danielle Stislicki is a case local to my area, and a fairly recent one. I vividly recall when she went missing and how hard her parents worked to bring attention to her case. Her family is sadly still waiting for answers.

So, this is the list of pods I keep gravitating between this month! Have you listened to any? Have any to recommend?

If you are interested, you can see my list from last year here!


14 thoughts on “Spooky, Creepy, Dark and Twisty: My October Podcast Playlist (2021 version!)

    1. I laughed so hard at that part in the show, with the cop. It is true though, true crime listeners are like that. And also when we find out someone else listens to the same podcast? It’s totally like when they all learned they listen to the same one in the show.

      There are so many! A podcast for everything. I have been having fun finding some storytelling pods for Wyatt.


  1. That podcast is probably what my husband is talking about when he says “I’ll wait for the podcast” on the Gabby case. Anyhow..this is where you and I differ. I am just not into the spooky stuff. Never have been, probably never have been. Being obsessed over murder and darkness is something I can’t do after working in newspapers where I had to cover the cases, watch family members cry, hear the gory details. *shudder* I had to separate my emotions back then. I don’t think I could do it now that I’m old and hormonal. lol.

    But you enjoy the creepy stuff anyhow! Everyone has their thing.

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    1. Lol! I know I am such a weirdo. I think it started as a child watching Scooby Doo. Lol. And I totally get that you would feel that way! I think that is why I try to listen to people who I think value the person, their humanity, their families, and are not trying to sensationalize things, like some of the different pods do.

      Liked by 1 person

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