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It’s finally October, and I am so excited! Last week was a great week. I feel like Wyatt and I had a productive and fun week of school, I got a lot of stuff done around the house, and I even had the opportunity to hang out with friends twice! One night for drinks in the yard at my friend Kelly’s, the other a morning walk in the woods. Both were perfect and what I needed. We also finished changing Wyatt’s room around. I wanted to get him a different bed. I have mentioned he has cerebral palsy, and it affects his gross motor. So I wanted a bed that was really easy for him to manage on his own. I found one that matched his needs without seeming too young and we put it all together today, with the comforter he chose, which is space themed. He is very pleased with it! We still need to pick out and hang artwork. He requested a room that is space and animals…two things that are sort of hard to combine. I will figure it out though. Right now it is sort of bare but coming along! I also need to move that shelf, which is leftover from how the room was set up before. It is giving me anxiety to have it over his head! Note to self – have Billy move that today!

Read Last Week:

I finished this book in two days- I could not stop reading it although my brain felt broken after reading it. It was so good and so weird and so crazy. I loved it though.

Reading this Week:

A Catered Halloween by Isis Crawford : I need a little break from the reading I have been doing. I have been reading some pretty intense books lately, and I needed some cozy. So I grabbed this mystery from the display at the library Saturday and took it home with me. Sure it is the fifth in the series and I have not read the previous four, but that is not unusual for me. This drives everyone around me who reads crazy – that I will just pick books up and read them from the middle of a series and circle back around, or just never finish a trilogy. I don’t know why I do this but, I do. It doesn’t seem to bother me. So far, I am enjoying this book! I started it before bed last night and only put it down because I was tired.

Posted Last Week:

Hello October!

A Few Short Book Reviews (Small Favors, The Lost Apothecary, and Bunny)

Listening To:

Science and true crime podcasts, mostly. I hope to get a post out about them next week, and maybe even a playlist of my favorite episodes. We are also listening to a lot of Lord Huron and The National Parks – something about their sound really resonates in me this time of year.


We started Vera on Acorn (I think Shelleyrae recommended it?) and we love it! We might save it for the winter though when we want something to binge that has lots of seasons. We also started Only Murders in the Building (thanks Deb for that rec!) and we are addicted! There is mystery and intrigue and secrets and humor! We were cracking up watching it last night. The cast is is amazing too. We love how Selena Gomez can hold her own with Steve Martin and Martin Short in a scene. We are also hoping to start Nancy Drew now that October is here.

And that is it from our home today! How are you all doing?


17 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Wyatt’s room looks great. What a rich color of blue. And the bookshelf looks wonderful, too.

    Lately I seem to do better with reading a light read alongside a heavy read. I would love to read more fiction.

    I’m so glad you are enjoying Only Murders in the Building. We are, too!


    1. Thank you! I love his little bed. 🙂 This kid has so many books. Lol. The wall opposite his bed out of frame is half filled with books as well.

      I have to balance my reading or I get too moody. I was once on a mission to read all of Joyce Carol Oates and I was just reading her books back to back and it made me so depressed and sad. It was like Oates-overload. So now I try and throw a book in there to perk things up when they get intense.

      That last episode! It was so well done!!! I can’t wait for the next one, especially after binging the season so far.


  2. Space and animals- great choices! Hopefully it won’t be too hard to include both. Love the pic. And I found a podcast this week called Fathom- it’s a sci-fi underwater horror type I guess haha but the first one was quite gripping. I love this time of year 🙂

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  3. Love Wyatt’s room. DID THAT SHELF GET TAKEN DOWN YET?????

    First space & animals combo that came to my mind was the Jetsons. I know they had a dog, Astro, but did they have a cat? Or any other animals?

    I just recently added that Bunny book to my TBR. It sounds so weirdly good. I’m glad to hear that you loved it.


  4. My son picked the same blue when he was small. He also picked a Marimekko comforter cover which was so sophisticated. Kids can surprise you, and we, as mothers, do so much to try and please them.☺️

    I loved Mona Awad’s first book, but haven’t read this one. I’m not surprised to read that you felt a little “broken” when you finished it. Her writing had that effect on me, too.

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    1. It feels so vibrant in our house lol, where every other color palette is more.. neutral. But I am so happy that he is happy. ☺️ And yes, we do, don’t we?

      I was wondering how her other book was! Her writing is amazing. I will have to make sure to read her first book as well. ☺️


  5. Wyatt’s new room looks great and I love that combination! Smart to get a bed that really meets his needs. We got Will a loft bed a few years ago which seemed like a fantastic idea at the time but now not so much. Have a great week!

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