Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Hello everyone! It is a rainy spring day here this morning; I am hoping that we get some sun by afternoon so I can get outside and work on a few more garden beds. If not though, there is always another day! I would be content as well just having school with Wyatt and then reading or playing games for the rest of the afternoon. That works for me too!

So..where to start? I mentioned in my post yesterday that I hit the wall last week. I was just done in. So I rested. And let Wyatt rest too. We did a very unschooling type method for school, without text books or paper or projects. Instead, we read fiction books, poetry (Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats), watched videos and documentaries, and then on the weekend went on a few adventures. It was awesome. I don’t plan on doing that all the time, but it was a good reset that we both needed. Actually, the new history curriculum I purchased for next year has “hygge weeks” built right in a few times during the year, where we are supposed to just read books from the book list. I may need to further adapt this concept into the rest of our schooling because it was really refreshing for a change of pace, and I could see doing it here and there.

Thursday night I spent with my friends, Kelly and Jill. Chrissy joined us via video chat for a little bit, to show off the new baby and chat with everyone. It was time I needed! I haven’t seen my friends in months in person, and wow did I miss them!! It was so nice to sit around and chat and laugh and catch up and drink wine. We also tried to get the stray cats that Kelly feeds to come to us but they were too nervous. This buff colored fellow Kelly has named Pal, and the other is a tabby she named Buddy. They have very elaborate shelters in her yard to keep them warm and they were hanging around their little apartments later that evening. It was cute.

Kelly has been my friend for 20 years and we are like the odd couple. Or Grace and Frankie. She is always prepared and organized and does things on time and is practical, and she rolls her eyes laughingly at me often. I am sharing this because on Wednesday I had to pick my mom up for an appointment but when I got into my car with Wyatt, I had no gas. And also, no debit card or credit card. I broke my own debit card months ago, I didn’t know where our credit card was, and Billy took his own debit card with him that day. So what did I do? I called Kelly to see if I could borrow twenty bucks to put some gas in my car. I felt very cap in hand and silly but also knew that Kelly loves me and would help me even though she would be like “Erin!” so I didn’t feel that embarrassed really. I also knew I had enough gas to get to her house and to the gas station two blocks from her, so it was perfect. Thank God for good friends!

Wyatt has been learning about the state of Maine and I really love to incorporate food and culture in when I can. So I was so excited when I found out about Cousins Maine Lobster! They have a franchise of food trucks across the country, and when I say food truck, I mean like rolling restaurant because that was one giant fancy food truck! The lobster is from Maine, and the menu features the Maine Roll, Connecticut Roll, tater tots, lobster tots, grilled cheese with lobster, whoopie pie (the state treat of Maine!), clam chowder, and lobster bisque – the list goes on. I knew without a doubt that Wyatt would never try lobster or clam chowder, but I knew I could get him to try the whoopie pie. I mean, no one passes up dessert right? So on a very gloomy, cold, rainy afternoon, we drove on over to where the truck was and ordered some culinary delights. Billy and I had originally planned on getting lobster rolls, but we were freezing so we both opted for the bowl of soup instead – lobster bisque for me, clam chowder for Billy. Wyatt got the grilled cheese (no lobster) and tater tots, and then I ordered whoopie pies for the crew! I had planned to get the Maine root soda but they were out so we didn’t get to taste that this time. Next time, because there will be a next time.

We ended up having a car picnic, since it was so cold and wet out. We piled in to the back with our food and just enjoyed it all! It is safe to say that the whoopie pies were a huge hit all around. The lobster bisque was absolutely perfect, and Billy said the clam chowder was the best he had ever had. All around, delicious.

A few weeks ago I learned that Detroit has a floating post office, with it’s own zip code. It delivers mail to freighters, but also will deliver pizzas to boats, and even people, we learned! Wyatt loves the mail and USPS so I made it our mission on Sunday to find this boat. And we did, on a tiny little road on the river. There was a gentleman there waiting to be ferried out to a freighter, and he was telling us that it is his favorite way to get to work. If we had waited an hour or so we could have watched but it was a bit chilly so we will try again another day. However, little man was super excited to just see the boat. We couldn’t go past the fence but we might take Wyatt back during regular hours so he can see inside the building and maybe even a closer look at the boat. You can see Canada and the Ambassador Bridge in the third photo, by the way!

Afterwards we drove around Detroit a bit, around Belle Isle, through the Heidelburg Project, and then got take out from Royale with Cheese in midtown. Then it was time to drop my mom (who was with us for this adventure) off at my brother’s house and then Wyatt and I took a nap while Billy played video games. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

And phew I feel like I have gone on and on today!

What is going on in your world?


18 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. Erin, I think your week and weekend were quite nice. I love hygge…such a fabulous word and concept. I try to do that in my bedroom all the time!

    I have a friend who is like yours. We’ve known each other for almost 30 years, and I’m just about old enough to be her mom. We don’t see each other for months, but when we do, it’s like no time has ever passed. But, I think we would be more like Frankie and Frankie!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week. I hope your weather doesn’t get violent like ours is supposed to. Why, oh, why did I leave my house with a basement?


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    1. Thanks Marsha! I love the hygge concept as well! I never ever thought about incorporating weeks like that into our school before, and it was such a nice change. A refreshing one for sure.

      I never think age matters in friendship! I have had many friends older than me or younger than me; it is not the number it is the person! Kelly is 100% Grace. LOL. I am the Frankie of the two. She never leaves the house without her hair and makeup perfect; I never even wear makeup and my hair is just sort of there doing it’s own thing. Etc. Lol.

      Thank you Marsha. Stay safe!! I am going to be keeping an eye on the weather today because we have the same forecast. Great day for Wyatt to start his Extreme Weather science unit though I guess?


  2. I think your reset day was a brilliant idea. After all, kids get days off for teacher in-service all the time and since you are always in-service, you should get one too! It seems like a smart thing to do periodically — especially after so much stress in the past weeks. Glad you had time to be with friends. That’s the best!


  3. Lots of stuff going on in your world!

    I used to have a friend like Kelly. Pretty sure I drove her nuts because I was so spacy and she was more organized. We don’t talk anymore but maybe someday when we are old and not so worried about the small stuff.

    I love the idea of unschooling for a week. Little Miss and I did that a couple of days after her dental procedure and still do it some days when life is a bit too crazy.

    I totally love that post office ferry! I’ve never heard of something like that. What a neat thing to see!


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