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Hello everyone! I am super excited that our forecast today calls for sunny weather and a high of 55! Finally! And our favorite ice cream place opened for the season last week, so I think we are going to get our first cones of the season today as well. I am hoping they have my favorite, Scooby Doo!

We had a pretty busy week last week, with appointments every single day. Ick. But they are over and done so that is good, and Wyatt will be starting speech again in two weeks and will be getting his new braces which he desperately needs. His other orthotics/braces are just so small on him now!

Read Last Week:

This book was so cute! I read it as part of Middle Grade March and it was adorable. Eva is a spunky little semi-magical witch, with just a pinch of magic, but as she is clever and resourceful, that is all she needs!

Reading This Week:

I was planning on reading one more middle grade book this month, but I am not feeling it right now. It is instead time to read Watership Down, like I do every spring! My favorite book of all time! I am so excited to read it again!

Posted Last Week:

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We watched Beyond Paradise, and are all caught up on the available episodes, which I am bummed about! I am enjoying this spin off of Death in Paradise. We also watched Ted Lasso and finished up season 2, and watched some of the old Hamish Macbeth episodes on Acorn, even though I get all upset since they are not like the books. However it is an easy peaceful show to watch and I look for those on busy weeks. Oh! We also finished up the newest season of All Creatures Great and Small! I was sobbing!

For our movie night this week we watched the remaining movie in the Irish Folktale Trilogy I mentioned last week. It is actually the first in the series but the last we watched. It was ok, but not our favorite. It was also super dark and sad! The name of this one is The Secret of Kells. As we were watching, Billy remarked that Brother Aidan looked like Willie Nelson and then the rest of the movie I could not get that image out of my head!

As for listening, I didn’t really listen to anything new last week, just my normal line up of true crime podcasts – Morbid, Redhanded, Casefile, Going West.

And that is it from around here! I hope all is well in your corner of the world!


36 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Its supposed to be nice here today too. Hoping to get my kids outside to play and take a walk around the neighborhood.

    Just finished Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library and loved it. Interesting premise. Currently reading Anthony Horowitz A Twist of the Knife which is the fourth in a Sherlock Holmes type mystery. Have a good rest of the weekend

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  2. I always love it when the local icr cream places open lol. althouh I think you might be getting a little better weather on your side! We’re only 45 today. I’m so ready for spring and so annoyed how winter is hanging on. We had blustery snow yesterday (granted it didn’t stick, but still).

    Yay for Watership Down!

    I should try Death in PAradise and the spinoff. Something about tropical mysteries 🙂

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  3. A week of appointments must be hard. Thank goodness that is behind you.

    There is something wonderful about rereading a favorite. Watership Down is a personal favorite of mine, and I’ve read it once more since I first read it. I should give it another read, maybe for book club.

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  4. Hooray for 55 degrees! Our favorite ice cream place in central NY opened last week, too. Funny story – several years ago, we flew from FL to Syracuse in March. It was about 55 in both places… fleece, down vests, mittens, and Ugg boots in FL and shorts, T-shirts, and flip flops in Syracuse! It’s all about perspective!!

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  5. I wondered if you ever watched the end of All Creatures Great and Small. I cried through so much of this season. It seemed short somehow and I wanted more, yet I didn’t since I know what’s probably coming in future seasons with the war and all of that.

    It was 57 here today! I was so excited. Little Miss didn’t feel like doing much still but she did go out for a bit, including on a walk with her dad.

    I tossed the ball back and forth to the dog and then went to see my parents.

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  6. It was a glorious day today…Sunday…but it is now officially Monday (12:16am) and pouring! We have had downpours for the last few days. I’m wondering if this is related to the rain in California! Mike just overseeded the yard so I’m glad for the rain, but we do need some sun to help those seeds grow!

    I really need to watch the All Animals Great and Small because I simply adored the books and had them on my bookcases in my classroom. Have a fabulous week (and come visit for a couple of link ups)!

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  7. I hate weeks that are crammed with appointments! They’re just so exhausting. Yay for getting back to speech and the new braces! I don’t think I have had Scooby Doo ice cream but am I intrigued. Have a great week!

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