Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Good morning everyone! (or afternoon or evening or whenever you are reading this) It’s a chilly morning today although it is supposed to warm up – finally! I have my delicious cup of coffee sitting next to me on one side, and Wyatt on the other, and it is a good morning, despite having to get up early and get blood work done.

Hmm where to begin? Let’s start with the best news of all – my new niece is here! She was born Saturday afternoon and is 6 lbs 9 oz, and 19.5 inches long. She was born so fast that the staff was surprised and the doctor never even made it! They thought it would be hours before she arrived – she showed them, and made her arrival after an hour after her parents arrived. I get to meet her today, maybe. I am can’t wait!!! We decorated their house for their welcome home, and delivered flowers to Mermaid Girl, who was excited but also missing her mom and dad. My brother was of course exposed to Covid right before little girl made her arrival so he is being super cautious. Or, as Billy says, covering up photographic evidence that he shaved his beard off after a shaving incident. Lol.

However, before Baby E’s arrival, we had many other adventures! On Thursday morning Wyatt and I went to the Henry Ford Museum to visit the Scooby Doo exhibit!! I was so excited. More than Wyatt, honestly. Scooby was my absolute favorite growing up and I still love it. Ghosts and dogs and mysteries? I guess I have been the same my whole life! Anyway, the exhibit was really fun. It was set up with a mystery to solve but Wyatt was not interested in that part, he just wanted to explore all the fun and interactive displays, which is fine. We saw bookcases and pianos with secret compartments that revealed themselves when you pushed the right book or played the right tune, and Wyatt got to act as a behind the scenes villain! They had an area where one side of the wall was a suit of armor, and the other side had buttons and levers that would activate the armor, rattling it or causing its eyes to glow. You could also make a disembodied laugh happen and flying ghosts. My child absolutely loved this. You could see people on the other side via a camera feed and surprise them! Wyatt had a blast.

There were other interactive displays as well, and then a whole play restaurant which Wyatt also enjoyed. He made pizzas and sandwiches and Scooby Sundaes. And I saw a toy doll house that I would have loved as a kid – how did I miss that when I was growing up? Maybe it is new.

Then of course Friday was St. Patrick’s Day! We spent the day listening to the Irish Rovers, the Pogues, and Van Morrison, read some books, and created some fun nature art. We had “leprechaun” bread (pistachio pudding bread), Lucky Charms treats, and then for dinner Irish beef stew over mashed potatoes. It was all delicious! Wyatt enjoyed the Lucky Charms treats the best – and the leftover marshmallows. Later that evening Billy and I watched Wolfwalkers, which is part of an Irish Folklore trilogy and it was excellent. I am thinking about doing a big review of the trilogy.

So it has been an exciting few days! Lots to do and see, and a new family member even!!

This week Wyatt and I both have lots of appointments which stinks. I hate weeks like that. But at least the weather is supposed to be nicer which will make things easier.

I was going to include our homeschool journey from last week in this post, but I feel like I have blathered on quite enough for this morning, so I will do that later on this week instead. Enjoy your day everyone!

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. You have coffee on one side and Wyatt on the other. I have coffee on one side and Marilyn (my cat) on the other. And she is SNORING!!!!

    Congrats on the new baby in the family! So much fun!

    Loved reading about all the fun Wyatt had at the museum. Making that knight surprise people would DEFINITELY be fun!

    Your weather got better, today we have rain. I’m about to jump in the shower and dodge the rain drops at the post office.

    Have a great day!


  2. joyweesemoll

    I’m glad you had all of those fun times and the great opportunity to meet a brand new baby family member. Hopefully, they will bolster you through the challenges of a week with lots of appointments.


  3. Congratulations on the new niece! I hope your brother makes a really quick recovery so he can get in some snuggles! I loved Scooby Doo…did we watch the same version because it seems like they did a new one at some point! What a fun exhibit! I’ll bet Wyatt was laughing his head off when he scared people on the other side!

    Your St. Patrick’s Day celebration sounds wonderful! I love how you, as a family, celebrate all the holidays. We never did, and now I regret that!

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Erin!



    1. Thank you Marsha!! My brother is not sick thank goodness, but just as a precaution he is masking until today! So I guess today he gets to take it off. Lol .

      I think we probably did watch the same version! I watched the Hanna Barbera version that was from the 70s? I don’t think there was one before that. 🙂 It’s still way better than these newer versions in my opinion.

      Thanks Marsha! We are always up for a celebration here. The only one we don’t do much for is actually Easter, weirdly!


  4. Yay! Congratulations to your brother and sister-in-law and your whole family! Billy’s comment about hiding the evidence of a shaving incidence made me laugh. The Scooby Doo exhibit looks amazing! I was a huge fan of Scooby Doo and still am. One of my greatest disappointments is that I could never get Will to love it as much as me!


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