Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Happy day everybody! I am so grateful for coffee this morning. Yesterday was ROUGH – physically for Wyatt, emotionally for me. I fell into bed and just passed out last night, as did my kiddo.

Wyatt started the morning early, with physical therapy. Then we came home, he ate breakfast, we read a little, then he took a quick disco nap before we moved on to his next appointment – the dentist. My poor boyo had a cavity! The dentist gave us a few options, and we went with pulling the tooth since it is a baby tooth and would be a faster process for Wyatt to go through. Because Wyatt has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, there were a few extra hoops we had to jump through first. We needed medical clearance from one of Wyatt’s doctors and I spent last week nailing that down. Then after we had that we were able to schedule the extraction. The OG date they gave us was all the way in March but they had obviously underestimated my persistence in getting his form finished and the procedure done and over with.The dentist, who we absolutely love, the office staff and dental assistants and dentist, all are amazing, especially with kids with different needs. They had initially proposed strapping him to a board for the procedure which gave me a lot of anxiety. I knew he would hate that more than having his tooth actually pulled. In the end though they just had a bunch of staff members on hand for the shots in case it was needed (it wasn’t) then for the extraction the dentist did his job while the dental assistant and I held Wyatt still. He was excellent, although he did start shrieking and crying for about five minutes. We got to the car and I about collapsed from the emotion of it all. I hate watching him go through things like that. I think all parents do! He was still a bit sniffly, and since he refused to keep the gauze in his mouth, a little oozy too. I let him play with my phone all the way home (a treat he never ever gets to do) and that kept him busy and happier. (Thanks to my friend Kelly for that suggestion!) We had many friends and family sending us prayers and good vibes and I was appreciative of them all!

The staff were all charmed by little charmer. He was so happy and silly before the procedure, because that is Wyatt.

When we came home I discovered the front door to our house wide open. Not cracked, not ajar, wide open. I realized that in my anxiety I probably just never shut it when we left. Yay me. I need to carry Wyatt from the house to the car, and he is an armful these days! I more than likely carried him out, and then we just left, being in hyper-focused mode. But I didn’t want to just take him in after the house was open all that time! I listen to true crime ! So I locked Wyatt in my car, grabbed the gardening scissors off the porch, and entered the house, ready for anything! Miso had been sleeping on the couch and she woke up and stretched, so my first concern was immediately alleviated. Miso was ok. Phew. So then I searched the whole house and closets, including the basement, and when I felt it was all clear, went and got kiddo. Thank goodness for small houses! I didn’t have much to search and there are not many places to hide! We could go in and relax and have ice cream and nap and not worry about Michael Myers surprising us.

So yesterday was an adventure! We had a much better adventure last week. After occupational therapy last Thursday I decided the rainy gray day needed something special. So we went on a surprise, spur of the moment field trip to the Henry Ford Museum. I have a membership and it is so close to where we go for therapy so I was like, why not go for a bit?

I wanted to climb inside that cozy little geodisic dome and read. It was just so comfy looking! I refrained somehow though. We saw the chair Lincoln was in when he was shot, and George Washington’s special camp bed. Then Wyatt always loves the airplanes so we spent most of our time there. We had a really good time and I was glad that we changed up the day.

And we finally got some snow! Charles my squirrel friend was sort of amazed! I think it was his first snow.

I did not have time to do my homeschool recap yesterday so look for it tomorrow. I am excited to show you what we did – especially our artist of the week. Can you guess who it was?

How are you all doing this morning? What is in your cup? Has your week started off well?


15 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. My younger son had tons of dental issues when he was really little (before he was 2) due to a medical issue he was having. (Thankfully, he seems to have “grown out” of it, thanks be to God!) He needed to have four teeth removed and work on a couple more, and it was awful to have to hold him in my lap to keep him still because he was so little.

    (At least this dentist is fantastic. We took him to another dentist for a consultation for a second opinion on what should be done back then, and she cornered me alone and in a very accusing voice asked me, “How could you let this happen?”)

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    1. Oh that must have been so hard!!! Poor little kiddo!! I have heard so many stories lately about horrible dental experiences. It is crazy. And it seems crazy to me too, that in this day and age we are still using basically pliers to yank out teeth. I feel like something should have evolved in tooth care by now, but maybe nothing is as effective and quick, I guess.

      That is horrible!! Like you didn’t already feel terrible about what your child was going through.


    1. It was!!! I was like I have a slightly weepy child in back, and now this? Lol. I was really happy I didn’t have to fight to the death with an intruder because I was pretty tired out from the whole dental experience.

      And thank you. It was a tense few minutes!!


  2. I’m so glad you have a good dental team. When my oldest was little, I noticed he had some black stuff on the backs of his front teeth. Turned out he’d just been chewing on his crib…yeah, I’m that mom. The first dentist we saw told me what it was, but he didn’t want to deal with my son because he was so difficult. The dentist we went to later was a pediatric dentist and wouldn’t let me go back with him. I think he was less than 3 years old at the time. I could hear my son screaming as I was sitting in the waiting room. When they came out with him, they said he had several cavities. I can’t remember what I said or even what they said. I know I left there in tears. Somehow or other, I found out this dentist would put the palm of his hand over kids’ faces (nose and mouth covered) as a calming procedure. It was taught back in the stone ages to dentists. And, it had been abandoned as way less than best practice by the time we saw him. I felt so guilty for not being an advocate for my son. We finally found our family dentist when my SIL saw a new dentist…just a regular dentist…not pediatric…who was opening his practice. He was kind and patient with our son. We never had another nightmare scenario like that again. But, I will never forget hearing him screaming and not being able to go to him. Sorry for the rant…that just brought up so many memories!

    I’m glad everything was ok when you checked it out. I would have done exactly the same thing…I hide my big knives just in case Michael Myers ever pays a visit!!



    1. Oh my gosh those are terrible terrible stories!! I am sorry that you and your son went through all of that. That is awful!!

      We love this dentist – I am terrified to take him to another one honestly, so I hope he never retires and continues taking our insurance. I have heard so so many horror stories about dentists lately. 😦 The whole staff were amazing with Wyatt. The dental assistant was cracking up at Wyatt and letting him spin her in the chair around and around while we were waiting for the dentist. Then afterwards when he was crying she started spinning in the chair to see if he would laugh – and he totally did. She was wonderful with him. You can tell that they are used to dealing with special needs kids. The dentist, who had a full house that day, knew that Wyatt wasn’t going to keep that gauze in so he sat and held it in place for a few minutes until he was sure it was starting to clot.

      I couldn’t believe I did that. LOL. It sure speaks to my state of mind that day.


  3. No wonder you were knackered. Who wouldn’t be? All that, then coming home to the open door — insult to injury when all you want to do is just “be.” (I’ve done that before — it’s disconcerting!). Poor Wyatt, that’s a lot to go through and as a mom, just as much but in a different way. I hope today is much improved!

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  5. I splurged this morning and picked up a caramel frappe from McDonalds. Not healthy and sweeter than I usually like my drinks but it definitely hit the spot! The Henry Ford museum looks fascinating and what an amazing variety! Sounds like the perfect way to end an occupational therapy day.

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