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Hello everyone! It’s snowing here today and I am so excited. We have had virtually no snow this year which is not great for the lakes; I am also concerned about the apples this year, as apple trees need a certain amount of time in cold temperatures in order to produce fruit. And, I just like snow. Snow is prettier than ugly mud and dead plants. If you get enough, you can play in it. So, I am happy it is snowing this morning.

I had a bit of a week – nothing bad just a lot of phone calls and paperwork for Wyatt’s upcoming flurry of specialist appointments. I also spent quite a bit of time prepping for the next few weeks of school, and switching up what we are doing for language arts and science this month, which took a little extra work as well. I decided to shake things up a little this month!

However, this didn’t leave me much time to read, and when I tried to read before bed I managed about five minutes before crashing out. I feel like I have set us up in a good spot for a while though now, so this week should be a better one in terms of some down time.


I am still reading Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries, which I am enjoying very much! I just didn’t have enough time to read last week which was no fun! I am also starting Shores of Mercy this week, by Lisa R. Howeler or as some of you may know her, Lisa from Boondock Ramblings. This is the fourth installment in the Spencer Valley Chronicles, and I am really looking forward to revisiting this world. Lisa has a gift for writing characters who are like people you would meet in your neighborhood, just so real and relatable.

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Billy and I finished up Grantchester and then binged out on Willow. I loved the movie when I was a kid, and I loved the tv show just as much! It was just so fun! Yes, it was campy, but that is all part of its charm. I also kept cracking up at the Elora Danan character. She just reminded me so much of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in her teenage, slightly dingbatty, snarky way. It was just a really lighthearted watch for us. After watching all of Willow, we moved on to Shetland. We are behind on it and we are catching up. Gol-ly, that place is gorgeous! We are missing some of our favorites characters this time around though, which is a bummer. Tonight we are watching one of my all time favorite movies, Amelie. It’s homemade pizza, popcorn, and movie night!

And that is it from my corner of the Mitten State! What is going on in your world?


36 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

    1. I have had a few people mention Grantchester to me as a followup for British crime series I want to watch. We finished season one of Unforgotten and just watched Magpie Murders. Loved both.

      Enjoy the snow! I lived in Owosso MI and loved the weather. Now I’m in swampy Florida 🙂

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      1. We really enjoy it!

        I want to watch Magpie Murders. Maybe that is what we will start tonight!

        Oh Owosso! We have been there! I was actually just there in the fall picking up new geckos from Josh’s Frogs. It’s a cute town!


  1. It started snowing here this morning too (Ohio) and has just continued to snow. It is quite a bit and more than they were expecting us to get. I hope you enjoy the snow and are able to get some more reading time in. Have a great week!

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  2. I woke up to snow on the ground this morning. It was pretty much gone by later this afternoon! But, I just checked the forecast, and we might get 6-10 inches on Wednesday! I’m so excited…I need to make sure we have enough stuff in the house! I’ve been worried about our new plantings, too, because that snow protects and insulates them. I didn’t know apple trees needed the cold though.

    I just started the third book in the Thursday Murder Club series. I really like it. I’m not sure if you got me started on it or not! We are watching the third season of Emily in Paris, and I’m ready for it to be done. I love the scenery and the fashion, but the characters (except for Luc) leave me kinda meh! We also watched The Pressure Cooker which was really good! I think we might need to add BritBox to our subscriptions, though. And, of course, I’ve been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race…watching the current season and the first season of All Stars!

    I hope you, Wyatt, and Billy have a fabulous week!

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    1. Ooo that would be an awesome amount of snow!! We are supposed to get more snow too, but I don’t know how much. I should probably order some stuff in as well.

      I want to read that series! It’s on my list for this year. And I love Emily in Paris but I am way behind. I agree, I am not a fan of the characters but I do like the scenery and fashion.


  3. Kathy Martin

    I remember enjoying the movie Willow when I saw it years ago. I don’t watch much television of any kind anymore. My part of Minnesota has had abundant snow this winter. I’m getting pretty tired of it. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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