Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I need alll the coffee today. Today is back to normal day and I am not ready. It was so nice to do whatever we wanted when we wanted. Oh well. At least the coffee today is good and hot and strong. I just used up the last of our coffee beans from the Leelanau Coffee Roasting Co. for this pot and this cup is divine.

Billy returns to work today and Wyatt and I are bummed out. It’s been nice having him home for 10 days with us; in fact this might be the longest he has been off work since Wyatt was born! We did a lot of bopping around town, going for rides, watching birds, painting and drawing, playing with new toys, reading books.

Let’s go back to the week before Christmas though first.

We made gingerbread, and garlands and ornaments out of dried oranges.

We had my mom over for solstice dinner, and shopped for plants for gifts at my favorite little plant shop. I wasn’t going to do it, but I ended up getting myself one too, a whale fin snake plant. I told Billy to call it my stocking stuffer.

We set up for the Kids Moon Club. We were one of the first families to do the Kids Moon Club, many moons ago (sorry couldn’t resist), so we were able to buy a lifetime membership for the cost of one year, which has been a great bonus. I love how this kids club has actually taught our whole family how to live more in tune with nature and the seasons.

Then limbo week, that crazy week between Christmas and New Years.

This was our week of indulgences, staying in our pajamas until noon, being “on vacation” while being at home as much as we could. We found this amazing patisserie, tried lunch at a different little walk up place that had delicious sandwiches. While we were waiting I was talking with another customer who told me that I need to go back and try the soup and salads too. So, I am putting that on my list!

And with that, we are caught up!

What have you been up to?


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. Yes, coffee was a must this morning! My husband was off for half the month of December, but I worked most of it and Henry was at daycare. But, we did have a nice 4-day weekend together! Back to the grind today!

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  2. I do love my coffee! Yours sounds tasty, too. Great photos, and I also love days of staying in PJs until noon…or sometimes all day. But this week, it’s up and at it early, as I’m watching for a mail delivery, and I have to walk to the mailbox…in clothes, preferably.

    Enjoy your week.

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    1. Me too. I am thinking about ordering a coffee named Manatee for my “fancy” coffee. It sounds really good! I always get targeted ads for coffee – darn that algorithm.

      Hopefully you get your mail that you are waiting for early in the week so you can relax the rest of it!


  3. My husband is the coffee drinker in our family. I’ve tried, I really have! But, I just don’t like the taste…the smell, though! Oh, I love the smell of coffee! I’m guessing your house smelled so good between the gingerbread and the oranges! I’ve always wanted to do that. And, the plant store…oh, I miss having plants in this house. I’ve got to figure that out. My son has become a huge plant lover. He comes over and we talk plants, propagating, and all the good plant stuff! He’s adopted a several of my big plants I just couldn’t take. He’s a good plant dad! That patisserie looks scrumptious! I’m thinking the husband and I need to plan a trip to the Field Museum with a couple of side trips! I think your NYE crowns are pretty terrific! I celebrated in flannel pjs and a thermal tee! I always smile when I read your posts, Erin! They just make me happy!


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    1. The smell of coffee is one of my favorites. I also really like to drink it too though. Black. Lol. And strong.

      Wyatt was so funny with the oranges. He was in charge of putting them on the sheet pan and he did not like the feel of the cut juicy orange and would pick it up and toss it on as fast as he could. I was cracking up.

      I have plants spread out everywhere lolol. Our den where we watch tv gets the best light so there are a ton in there – and it is our smallest room. We feel a bit like we are in a jungle at times. I squish them in everywhere I can. I am currently working on some props and I am hoping they survive until spring. I am not the greatest with that part.

      That patisserie was amazing. It was a dangerous find. Lol.

      And aww thank you! That makes me happy!!


  4. I don’t function well without coffee in the morning! Sounds like a lovely week. I love that week between Christmas and New Year’s. It doesn’t seem to quite count so I try to be as lazy as possible. I love the orange garlands and ornaments.

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