Hello January!

Hello January and hello 2023! 2022 had its highs and lows, like every year. I plan to do a look back post soon, but this one is all about looking forward.


I am not making any resolutions this year – I never do very well with them although I try. I did continue last year with trying to buy more food local, growing my own food, and buying from small farms and we did ok. We will keep working on that, we can only get better!

My One Word:

Last year I chose Explore as my one word for the year, and I feel I did pretty good with it. I wanted to explore new ideas, different foods, new authors, and go on more adventures, and I feel like we did ok with that too. This year I want to continue on that idea, and add in being more mindful, intentional, deliberate, and in the present. I am a planner so I am always thinking weeks ahead, and I don’t want to squelch that but I do want to spend more time just being. I want to be fully present in the moments I am creating, and sometimes I am not.

My First Book:

My first book of the year is actually a reread! I didn’t give this book a fair shake when I read it the first time. I was trying to read it before the archive date for NetGalley, and I wasn’t in the mood for it at that time, so I more or less skimmed it. I knew I would want to read it in January and I should have followed my instincts because I am enjoying it much more this time around. I have read the previous two books in this series in January so for me, this series will always be a beginning of the year type read now. I needed this book after the holidays! Something light, something fun. And something with foxes too maybe!

The town of Fox Crossing, Maine, has something special—a legendary fox with a knack for bringing fortune, love, and happiness to anyone lucky enough to see it…


Victoria Michaud has lived in Fox Crossing her entire life without encountering the fabled fox. And then, on the day of her thirtieth birthday, she spots a beautiful, golden-eyed vixen . . . right before she also recognizes Bowen Gower, the guy who made her high school years hell. So much for good luck. Victoria already has enough to deal with, between running her Junk & Disorderly antique store and refereeing her divorced, still-bickering parents.


There are a lot of things Bowen doesn’t remember about growing up in this town on the Appalachian trail, and some he’s chosen to forget. Back to settle his grandfather’s estate, Bowen soon realizes it won’t be easy to make amends to those he wronged. But he’s eager to convince Victoria to give him another chance.
It’ll take some doing—and perhaps more luck than one fox sighting can provide. Then again, sometimes one look is all you need . . .


We always always watch The Big Year on New Year’s Day, and only on New Year’s Day. I love that movie so much and it never gets old for me. It just fills me with so much joy and happiness and I love starting the year out that way. This year on New Year’s Eve we celebrated with a “noon” year’s eve party with the kiddos, and then later Billy, Wyatt, and I had a very quiet night in, which was nice honestly. I’ve done the big crazy parties and up all night and now I am perfectly content with a night in having homemade pizza with my guys, and painting together. Wyatt worked on painting turtles, Billy said he painted an “ugly” tree, and I worked on little peg people to go with the Kids Moon Club that we are starting up again this year.

January Ideas and Plans:

I of course have some plans and ideas up my sleeve! I mentioned above we are participating in the Kids Moon Club again this year, and I have a Full Wolf Moon party planned for Friday for Wyatt and Mermaid Girl. I am also planning a small weekend getaway to a Wolf Park in Indiana for hopefully February, maybe March. We are going to take a private tour and then attend a wolf howl in the evening and Wyatt is going to love it! Hopefully. Kids always surprise you. He will at least enjoy the howl part, I know that for a fact!

I am also super excited about the art projects I have lined up for this month for homeschool! We are starting this week with Antoni Gaudi – which reminds me I have to make some sugar cookie dough soon! Maybe I should do that now, while I am thinking about it.

On that note, I will talk to you all soon!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and new year, and I can’t wait to hear about what you have all been up to!


10 thoughts on “Hello January!

  1. I gave up resolutions years ago! They just made me feel badly when I couldn’t stick to them! Congrats on your words of the year! I like intentional. It’s something we should all be, but it’s easier said than done, right? I think your NYE sounds perfect! And, that homemade pizza looks yummy! A wolf howl sounds like lots of fun! Have a wonderful week back to school!

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    1. I had a tough time this year! I was like isn’t the one word thing about setting an intention for the year, and here I am just picking intentional? But, that one kept coming to me so I went with it.

      I think you would really like The Big Year! It is a comedy with Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson. And birds. 🙂


  2. I’m not great on resolutions either but I love your take and your word for the year! Mood and timing can make such a difference with books and I hope you love Outfoxed now that the timing is better. Have a wonderful January!

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