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Hello everybody!

I have spent the past week trying to get all comfy cozy but the weather is defeating me with its 70 degree days. Last night however we had some wild wind that felt like it was shaking the house – it was crazy! It was blowing in cooler temps, much more suitable to blankets and tea and books.

Billy and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary this weekend. We went out one night for dinner with Wyatt, and then the next night we left him with Grandma while we went for a hike and got tacos after. We ate them in the car,watching the sunset over the water. We are pretty simple people here.

And yeah, I totally spilled my beer. I am a bit of a klutz.

Read Last Week/Reading This Week:

I am still reading At Home in Mitford, taking my time and ambling along with Father Tim. When I am done I am starting The Hills in Lonely by Lillian Beckwith.

Posted Last Week:

Spooky Season Cinema: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Homeschool Journey: Dia de los Muertos, Frida Kahlo, Jose Posada, and a Weird Pumpkin

Hello November!

Thursday Morning Coffee Catch Up


This week we have been watching Ghosts (both US and UK versions), and The British Baking Show, the latter of which has been making us crave all sorts of different baked goods.

As for listening, lots of Taylor Swift and The National Parks this week. I also put on a Vintage Autumn Playlist that Lisa at Boondock Ramblings recommended and it was really cool, so that is going into the rotation as well.

And that is about it from around here! Hope everyone is doing well!


34 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. The weather has been so unpredictable lately. By now we are used to grabbing a jacket but it’s been in the 80’s!! I like the looks of the Lillian Beckwith book.
    Happy anniversary!!


  2. Oh, yes, spilling is my thing lately, too, lol. Maybe not just lately. I often eat while posting on my laptop, which is not conducive to grace while eating.

    Now I am craving tacos! I haven’t had any for a while, mostly because beef is off my diet most of the time since my gall bladder surgery…but I’m thinking “fish tacos.”

    Enjoy your coziness.

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    1. Lol! I was like I need a lid on my drink like Wyatt! I spill all the time too. I have to keep my drink on a separate table from my laptop when I am working because I have spilled on my laptop twice and ruined two that way!! I can’t do it again.

      Yes! Fish tacos are awesome too. And in California they are probably so fresh and fantastic!

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  3. Happy anniversary! Those tacos looks delicious. and we had that same wind! Man, it was crazy. But it sort of blew away all the leaves that had fallen.

    I love that playlist, I’ve listened to it before. all his stuff (or the ones I’ve listened to, anyway) are fun!

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  4. Happy Anniversary! I really like the idea of celebrating with your kid(s) one day and your honey another. Those tacos looked delicious! Ahhh…we are loving the Great British Baking Show right now. I cannot imagine baking in a tent with no air conditioning or heat! It is one of my favorite shows. I only wish it was longer! I just finished Forever Interrupted by Taylor Reid Jenkins (or Taylor Jenkins Reid…I can never remember). It was a slow start, but once I got hooked, I loved it. I just started another book by her.

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    1. It was the first time we had done that and I really enjoyed it too!

      Oh my gosh I love those tacos. They are from Atwater Taco and they are so delicious. If you ever make it to this area try them.

      I cry thinking about baking somewhere without air conditioning. LOL.


  5. Our weather has been all over the place…hot…cold…very dry…very wet. Crazy.

    Happy anniversary to you! Tacos sound like a great choice for dinner out.

    The Mitford series is such a calming set of stories. I hope you like The Hills is Lonely, too.


  6. Yum! Those tacos look great. We went out last night to celebrate our anniversary and I got fish tacos, which were delicious.

    I enjoy the Mitford books and have reread one or two of the early ones. I still have several more to read a second time. They are great comfort reads, aren’t they?

    It was 37 here this morning (which is pretty cold for us) and we’ve had pea-sized all on and off all day.

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  7. Happy anniversary! We are still in the 80s here but this weekend it is supposed to get into the 30s and then will be back in the 80s. We’ll probably all be sick by Thanksgiving with the back and forth! I hope you’ve had a great and cozy week!

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