Hello November!

Ah November. As much as October is the start of cozy season and fall, November is the true start of snuggling down and getting comfortable. There is some sense of rushing about still in October, as we try to soak up all of the nice days as we can while we can, if you live somewhere that has changeable weather. October sun is almost the best sun, there is more of a golden honey warmth to it, a softness, and if you are like me you want to catch all of it that you can. November however, almost gives you permission to stay inside, with its gray skies, rain, much colder temperatures, and sometimes even snow. It invites you to drink your tea, read your book, stay safe and snug and warm. Much like a hobbit in his hole, I like to keep it cozy in November.

After a very busy October, I am looking forward to my November of cozytimes. I have my sewing projects all lined up, waiting to begin – or finish, in the case of my rabbit. I am sort of stuck and need Billy’s help with it so this weekend he is going to help me. He is such a man of many talents! Stef over at Stefmakesallthethings shared some really cool cross stitch designs from Max Pigeon and they are beautiful! I think I want to try one. I love sitting and stitching while listening to a podcast in the winter.

Billy and I also want to experiment with making our own pizzas this fall and winter, like really good pizza. We have been watching the British Baking Show and were inspired by the pizza challenge. I asked Billy to build a brick oven pizza in our yard but he declined for now. I guess we will just start with a pizza stone and our regular ol’ oven. I do want to try to make a cornmeal crust like at Mama Mia’s pizza in Mackinaw City. They used to have the coolest old building, filled with antiques and a museum dedicated to the bridge building and bridge builders – and fantastic pizza. Then that building burned down and they have a new building now and the charm is lost. Billy and I have a tradition of finding a local pizza place on every trip, and Mama Mia’s has always been my favorite. (His is from a pizza place in Savannah, I think the name was Mia’s? Amy’s?)

Our anniversary is this weekend too, and the weather is supposed to be sunny and beautiful, just like on the day we were married 22 years ago. We are leaving little man at my mom’s and heading out for a hike in the woods followed by an adult beverage or two and … tacos. I requested tacos, like good tacos. Real tacos. Jeez, I am all about food this morning!! It will be a nice time, it has been a long while since Billy and I have gone hiking alone.

This month, we also planned a family event with my brother Devin, SIL Chrissy, and niece – we are having a Hobbit day. It is still in the planning stages but we have a rough idea of what we are going to do that day. My favorite part of the plan is the backyard fire and cider in the evening but we have some neat ideas for the rest of the day too. Devin and Mermaid Girl had been reading The Hobbit together and she is a fan. I haven’t read it to Wyatt yet but he will have fun anyway. When I was a kid my cousin Brian and I used to listen to a very short version on book and record – I wonder if I can find something similar for Wyatt? Check out that 1970s goodness there! Apparently I can buy the book and record still but we don’t have a record player.

I will also be preparing for Christmas – I like to be done with my shopping so that in December I can focus on being with family and baking and all that stuff. We already bought tickets for the Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village in December and I like to make sure the month is more relaxed by having the things I can do now ahead of time, (from the comfort of my home since I am an online shopper) done. I have lists made up of who I buy for and some ideas, and already have some things for Wyatt squirreled away.

And speaking of Wyatt – he is a little restless so I am going to end this here!


20 thoughts on “Hello November!

  1. I do love November, too, as the weather is perfect for cozy days…and Thanksgiving is on the horizon!

    Making pizza: that reminds me of an old Victorian house my eldest son lived in for a while, with a huge pizza oven. So great!

    Enjoy! Happy Anniversary, too.

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  2. Happy Anniversary! Ours is on the 6th and we’ve been married 34 years. We’re planning to go to one of our favorite brew pubs, which serves fabulous fish tacos.

    I love November, too, but our calendar is jam packed with all sorts of appointments and events. I need to start thinking about Christmas gifts, as well. It will be here before we know it!

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  3. Rick makes pizza often but I’m pretty sure Paul H. wouldn’t like it — he’s say “too many toppings!” But that’s what makes it so good. He’s taken to also making individual pizzas lately and that’s fun with a group or kids!

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  5. You sum up October and November perfectly. I never thought of them in those terms, but I will from now on! I haven’t even begun Christmas shopping. It has become more challenging as my grands have gotten older and no longer want toys. My kids are even more challenging since they just buy what they want when they want it! But, I will figure it all out!

    I can’t wait to see your bunny finished whenever you get him (her?) done. I lost my sewing room in the move (it’s all in a teeny little closet). I love to spread out my stuff and leave it there. I did tell Mike I’d just create my sewing room in the attic! And, I just might do that!


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    1. Thanks Marsha! 🙂

      I have a hard time with gifts for my older nephew and my cousin’s daughters. They are at “that age”. Lol.

      I am the slowest at that rabbit. But I will get it done one day!

      OOo that sounds like a fantastic plan! I would love to see an attic sewing room!


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