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Hey all! The weather here has gotten downright cold at night – and definitely chilly during the day – and I am loving it! Billy went camping over the weekend, so I am not sure he did, but I was all tucked up in our cozy bed with my books and Midsomer Murders and tea and feeling pretty relaxed.

Read Last Week:

I enjoyed both of these reads! A Haunted History of Invisible Women made me think about ghost stories a little differently, and Book of Night kept me guessing! I really liked it. Billy has wanted me to read it for months now and I finally see why! I’m excited for him to get home today so we can talk about it.

Reading This Week:

I have already started These Fleeting Shadows and I have been sucked in. I am so curious and I want to know what the secret to this house is! And I am looking forward to The Raven Spell – I really loved the previous series by Luanne G. Smith so I am anticipating I will like this one as well.

Posted Last Week:

A Cute Little Cottagecore Autumn Halloween

Spooky Season Cinema: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Spooky, Creepy, Dark and Twisty: My October Podcast Playlist 2022 Edition

Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

10 on the 10th – Birthdays

Recipes We Tried:

(I’m going to include this whenever we find some favorites online – because I hope that you all will share some back lol)

Italian Sausage Orzo – We loved this. Super fast, super tasty, minimal ingredients and dishes

Watching and Listening:

We started a new show called Ghosts. It is an American sitcom, so very different for us lol, but we love it. It is on CBS, and it just makes us laugh. It is based off of a UK show of the same name so we are going to see if we can find that version too. We are also watching Edwardian Farm for the third or fourth time. I love all of them but Edwardian is my favorite. And..for spooky season we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. Wyatt and I also watched Coco again (ugh it always makes me sob but it is my favorite Disney cartoon right now) but I don’t consider that a spooky season movie.

As for listening, check out the haunted podcasts in my post that is linked above!

And, that is about it from around here! I hope all is going good for you.


35 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Oh please find the British version of Ghosts. It’s so much better and was the original. It’s on HBO Max and it’s absolutely hilarious and makes a lot more sense because it takes place in England. I don’t know how to explain that until you’ve seen it.

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  2. My friend Karen was just telling us about Ghosts. Since it’s on CBS, I’m not sure we have a way to watch it; we only stream now.

    I always like the Holly Black books. It’s been a while since I’ve read one.

    It’s getting cooler at nights now (down in the 60s) but it’s still heating up to the upper 80s. Sigh.

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    1. My husband got it for us via a streaming site called Plex or something like that. The British version is on HBO Max, so I have to figure that out!

      She is a fun author!

      I was so ready for our hot days to go away. Lol. I am such a fall/winter in Michigan kind of person. It just gets so gross and humid in the summers here.


  3. It’s chilly at night here and we are using our fire pit on the deck in the evenings, which I love! Feels like camping. 🙂

    That pasta dish looks delicious. I made a shrimp & orzo dish last night that we love. I’m afraid I’ll have to skip your recipe, though. No more heavy creams or high sodium dishes for my husband. 😦

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  4. Love how you are getting in the spirit of things…pardon the pun!! How nice to spend the weekend under covers with some good reading. I have about 3 books I haven’t been able to finish. Need to get through them and then find some that I am more excited about.

    The ghost podcasts sound interesting but I am easily scared. I do believe in ghosts and I am afraid I might start seeing them everywhere. My granddaughter supposedly sees ghosts. At 2 years old, she was telling the daycare teacher that she saw and talked to nice ghosts at her house. Worried us to death but Lucia wasn’t disturbed by the ‘visitors’ at all.

    Pinning your recipe. I am going to try this one for Teriyaki Chicken Bake tomorrow.

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    1. I absolutely can’t read something if I am not enjoying it. 😦 I have to put it down and walk away. Lol.

      Wow! They say kids are more open to that sort of thing. I am not sure what to believe honestly about ghosts, but I did have one experience with Wyatt that made me wonder. Right after my aunt had passed away, Wyatt turned and looked at our front door and just smiled so big. Then he waved and said Barbara, which was her name. He was just a little tiny kid too.

      Oo and thank you for sharing! I will look that up!!


  5. I’m not the biggest fan of camping even in the summer. I too would have stayed at home in the warm.
    Holly Black is on my list of authors I must read sometime. I’d love a recommendation of where to start if you have one!

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    1. Ugh me either. Lol.

      I haven’t read all of Holly Black’s books, but the ones I have read I have enjoyed. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown was interesting, it’s a vampire book. I really liked the The Cruel Prince and the rest of that series, it is a faerie series. However, I might start with The Book of Night.

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