Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

It is not a quiet morning around here, my little tornado is awake and enjoying his little self already. I am trying to catch up with the help of my coffee – which today is Cafe Bustelo. It’s not bad!

It’s been eventful around here!! First, and most important of all, Wyatt got a wheelchair yesterday! It is a loaner from the medical supply place until his actual wheelchair comes in, but this will give him more independence and freedom for now. I am so excited to be able to go more places with this kiddo – I have plans for lots of field trips during the week. His world is about to expand and I can’t wait. This was a huge thing for us. The AMT who came to deliver it and fit it to Wyatt was also so nice. He is the technician who always comes to our house for Wyatt’s equipment and Wyatt charmed him into his fan club. He let Wyatt “help” him screw some parts on, and told me that Wyatt is one of his most talkative kid clients… I was like yeah, that is not a surprise to me….lol. After waiting five years for Wyatt to talk, he seems to be getting all his words out at once, nonstop. I love it and am so grateful, but sometimes I am like – please child, I need some quiet!

And on that note – I am about to sound a bit ungrateful. Billy has been working so so hard on our bedroom making it look spectacular and I have been pretty much 100% holding down the rest of our life. Sunday I hit the wall of not having had any introvert recharge time and called my mom and asked if she would watch Wyatt for a while so that I could have some quiet. She of course agreed and I dropped him off, did a little shopping, and went for a solo walk in the woods. And it was glorious.

I also spotted this tiny bone and used leaves to pick it up to bring home for Wyatt’s nature cabinet of curiosities. I picked Wyatt up after and felt so much better. Introverts need introvert time.

Our bedroom is finished! We still need to add in our personal things and decorations but it is done! And Billy knocked it out of the park. It is beautiful and such a dramatic difference. He put in new trim, changed vent covers, did electrical, painted, and it is fantastic. This is a sneak peek but I am totally going to brag on him in a whole post. Once the room is all put back and decorated though.

And it is fat bear week everyone! Today is the last day to vote! Check it here. Decide who is the fattest of the fat! And isn’t Bear 335 so adorable?

And that is where I am at this morning! How’s it going in your world?


14 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. Don’t feel ungrateful! Everyone needs time to themselves, especially introverts. You are a super mom (and wife!), and a couple hours away doesn’t diminish that. I hear ya on the noise, too – Henry doesn’t “talk” yet, but he loves to babble and has also been screeching a lot lately (not in a bad way, just “hey, I can make loud noise” way!) and while it’s adorable, sometimes I just need some quiet!

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  2. We introverts do need our quiet time, which makes retirement so blissful for me. I like getting out and spending time with friends, or just walking around shops, but the alone time is awesome.

    Great photos of the woods.

    Your bedroom looks very good, and I’m eager to see it finished and furnished. Enjoy!

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  3. As an extroverted introvert, I completely understand the need for quiet and away time. Unfortunately, so many people don’t get the whole introvert thing! I cannot wait to read about Wyatt’s adventures with his new “wheels”! My nephew has been in a wheelchair for decades due to a motorcycle accident when he was 18. It really did mean the difference in a full life for him.

    I cannot wait for the bedroom transformation! I am all about home makeovers!


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    1. I am a person who definitely needs quiet time. Lol. And no people don’t all the time. I told my friend that I would love a moms getaway where we all go somewhere, get separate rooms, read all day, then get together at night for dinner and drinks. LOL.

      The wheelchair is going to be so great!! Wyatt is working on walking but his stamina is still pretty low right now. So for now, or who knows, forever and that is ok, Wyatt and I will use the wheelchair for outings!


  4. Nothing ungrateful about needing a little bit of me-time. We all do. And wow — what a lot has gone on in your world. The bedroom looks fabulous (bye, bye blue!) and I’m thrilled that Wyatt’s world is about to get supersized big. That’s great news about the wheelchair. A good week already!

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    1. Thanks Jeanie! I get mom guilt bad sometimes!

      Thank you! We have been adding back in our books and pictures and little odds and ends the past day or so and I am waiting for my new mirror to come in. The other one was just too dark and heavy for this light feeling room. 🙂

      And I am so so excited and so is he!


  5. Never feel guilty for taking some “me” time. You need to look after yourself so that you can also care for Wyatt (and Billy). Your bedroom looks good already, can’t wait to see it in its finished state.


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  7. I’m so excited for you guys about Wyatt’s wheelchair. It will definitely make things easier and him more comfortable on your adventures. The joys of being a parent and an introvert. I’m glad you took the time to recharge! The times I haven’t listened to those signals I always regret it.

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