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We have been back to school two weeks and are slowly finding our routine. We have been starting each day of school with music and it just wakes our brains up and puts us in good moods. Overall, the week itself was weird but it had lots of good moments too. Yesterday we went to Hawkfest which our metropark system puts on every year and we got to see so many different raptors up close. This little screech owl is named Sparkle! She is so cute!!

Read Last Week:

I finished up This Poison Heart and started The Agathas. I really enjoyed This Poison Heart, and so far I am liking The Agathas as well!

Reading Next:

If I finish up The Agathas this week, then I plan to start a NetGalley read about ghosts – ’tis the season and all.

And Wyatt and I are still reading The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp.

Posted Last Week:

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Book Review: Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen

Spooky Cinema Season: The Addams Family

Friday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Listening and Watching:

I was out in the evening a few nights last week, and so was Billy (we were weirdly social) so we really didn’t watch much. A Murdoch here and there, and then we watched The Addams Family together as well.

As for listening, I started two audiobooks but I am probably going to stop listening to them and instead just read them at some point. I always think because I love podcasts I should be able to listen to audiobooks but they just don’t work for me, which makes me sad.

And that is about it from our corner of the mitten state! How are you all today?


31 thoughts on “My Sunday – Monday Post!

  1. My son has just started school so this week was half days. Next week he is in full time! I can’t believe how fast that time went!

    I want to read The Agathas. It is currently on loan at my library, but I will be keeping an eye on that!

    Have a great weekend!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

    Sunday Salon

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  2. I think having the right kind of book makes it easier to listen to an audiobook. For me, books with humor of some kind work well. I can’t listen to suspense books, there are usually too many characters to keep straight through audio. Have a great week!

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      1. I hope you do! If you like Romantic Comedies, I highly recommend anything by Emma St. Clair, they are hilarious, and the narrators are fabulous! The narrator can make or break books too. I need to start a list of the ones I like and the ones I don’t 😉


  3. It’s great to hear the schooling is going so well. I can’t get into audiobooks either – which is frustrating because of all that lost opportunity when I’m commuting or doing jobs around the house!
    I haven’t tried any podcasts but I would need to stop doing something else to make time to listen to them, and I guess I’d rather be reading, lol.

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  4. We are having a Hummingbird festival this weekend and next back at home, and a Hawkfest sounds fantastic, too. I must remember to travel down to Hawkwatch this year, an event where we count migrating hawks by the Gulf of Mexico.

    I’m eager to hear what you think about The Agathas. I love the idea of that book.

    I tend to have trouble with audiobooks, too, especially with fiction.

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  5. Sparkle is so cute! I love how grumpy owls look. Some books just don’t work for me in audiobook. I listened to Thursday Murder Club on audio book because I had heard such raves about that version but after about an hour I had to call it quits and just get the book. Have a wonderful week!

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