Friday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Hello everyone!! I hope everyone has had a great week! Mine was….eh. It had its ups and downs for sure. But such is life. And thankfully, today is Friday!

Our living gargoyle, or porch guardian as I like to call it. It’s always lurking about but this time was straight up posing for me. I am guessing it is one of the babies all grown up that hatched from the ootheca in the spring/early summer. It is gigantic and slightly intimidating honestly. I am afraid to weed in in it’s territory!

On Wednesday my friends and I got together for a much needed get together in my friend Kelly’s yard. The night was warm but not sweaty hot, and we had some catching up to do. It had been a super long time since we had gotten together. Summer gets busy! I took my normal spot on the couch – I love it because I can slouch and look at the evening sky, the swallows darting, then the bats start sweeping through. No more hummingbirds though, maybe they have started their journey south. The evenings are certainly much cooler, almost cold! I love it but I don’t think hummingbirds much care for it. My friend Kelly just got three more toads that she added to her toadarium (she has five – can you tell why we are friends?) so of course I had to go in and meet them.

I like how this one is giving me Jabba the Hutt vibes.

Then last night my mom, SIL, niece, and my SIL’s mother got together for craft night. It was also a very fun and relaxed time gathered around the table, our projects all jumbled up together. My niece and I were the painters of the group, the rest were knitting or crocheting. I was making little peg dolls, raccoons for Wyatt to go with the book we are reading, The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp, and also a Little Witch Hazel for Mermaid Girl herself. I had a feeling a little someone might get interested in making them too so I made sure to pack up a few extra. And I am glad that I did, she made a whole little family.

Wyatt and I have a busy day today – yesterday school got derailed due to some sudden issues with a family member but we will schooch everything that we should have done yesterday to today and move art to Saturday. We are learning about Grant Wood and I was all prepared for a farm painting but Wyatt seemed more drawn to Wood’s found sculpture items so I think we will attempt that instead. Fingers crossed!


3 thoughts on “Friday Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. I think your porch guardian is magnificent! The other day I saw something flying around and was amazed to see it was a preying mantis! I have never ever seen them fly! I think you are a very lucky person to have a group of friends to just sit and hang out with. I have always struggled in that department! I hope your Saturday art goes well! Enjoy all of the weekend!

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