Classic Movie Impressions: His Girl Friday

Lisa from Boondock Ramblings and I have been trading classic movies this summer, which has been fun! This time around Lisa chose His Girl Friday for me, another movie featuring Cary Grant. And dare I say, I can see why he was quite the leading man back then? I chose The Ghost and Mrs. Muir for Lisa – you can check out her post on it here!

This movie was non-stop wisecracks and action! I almost had to take notes just to keep up with the storyline. The energy was high from the start and just never ended, which made for a very exciting watching experience.

Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell star as a powerful editor and journalist duo who are divorced from each other but married to the job. Hildy (Russell) wants out of the game though and after four months of travelling is ready to settle down with the reliable, trusty, somewhat boring, definitely naive, Bruce Baldwin, an insurance agent from Albany. She is looking forward to a quiet life, one where she is a wife and mother and no longer a working woman, but when her ex-husband Walter (Grant) learns of this he is determined to stop her, if only because he doesn’t want to lose her as an ace reporter. He manages to stall her departure and impending marriage by talking her into staying to report on the story of Earl Williams, a man who is accused of murder, by telling her if she gets the story she very well may save an innocent life.

We learn throughout the movie that Hildy and Walter are well matched in their desire for reporting and getting the scoop. They are quick thinking fast talkers, and poor Bruce just can’t keep up. I felt bad for poor Bruce – he just did not fit into Hildy’s world of breaking news. There is one scene where Hildy is typing at breakneck speed, to get the story out and Bruce is telling her that he is leaving on the 9:00 train and he finally realizes that Hildy, despite what she has said, is not ready to leave this life. She belongs in that newsroom, not living a quiet life in Albany with his mother. Poor Bruce.

As for the story on Williams, it just keeps rolling and picking up speed with a jail break, a prostitute who jumps out a window, corrupt city officials, and finally, finally the truth comes out – and the gaggle of “inhuman” journalists who are there for it immediately take to the phones and begin reporting what they just witnessed; however, every reporter has a different version of events…

And with that, Hildy realizes what Bruce did, that she is not ready to leave this life – or Walter. This time though she is going to get that honeymoon she wants – or so she thought for about thirty seconds before Walter got word about another breaking story.

I really enjoyed this crazy wild ride of a movie! Grant and Russell are amazing together, the comedy, the innuendo and insults, and the overall chaos of this movie! It was jam packed with action that just didn’t stop, and I loved every second of it.


12 thoughts on “Classic Movie Impressions: His Girl Friday

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  2. I can relate to this movie for many reasons which is why my husband and I always liked it. He and I were a similar team when we both worked in newspapers. He was also my editor and I was the reporter. This is almost like our story but not quite as fast paced 😂

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    1. I think the past two movies have been the first time I have seen any Cary Grant movies! Lol. And I can see why he was such a Hollywood star.

      For this movie, I used Amazon Prime Video. 🙂 We generally float between Netflix, Amazon, and BritBox. 🙂


  3. This is one of my favorites from the days of screwball comedy. Oh, Cary Grant — I adore him. Check out Arsenic and Old Lace, Bringing Up Baby or the Hitchcocks. (Or for a more modern one, Charade.) He just got better… sigh.

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  4. I love Cary Grant! He has such a range. He can so intensely sinister but his comedic timing is also fantastic and he doesn’t take himself to seriously. Rosalind Russell is another favorite of mine and they are such a perfect combination in this movie!


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