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Last week was full of business. Getting organized and set up for school, gathering supplies, clearing out overgrown areas of the yard, starting PT again, and lining up a whole new round of appointments for kiddo. Just a productive, yet tiring, week!

Thanks everyone for the feedback on Abebooks and Thrift Books! It was very helpful information!

We also took a little trip to the library. We may have checked out a few books. We were laughing that there was barely room left for Wyatt in the wagon! (We are still waiting on his wheelchair – that is a fiasco that I may address in another post.)

Read Last Week:

I reread Wild is the Witch so that I could give it a proper review. I also started Willa of the Wood but wasn’t in the mood. I will have to try again another time.

Reading This Week:

I am reading the Mindfulness book above by Cheryl Fisher and it is really full of such wonderful information. I am taking note of some things I want to start to integrate into our days, such as a “time away” area filled with natural elements to touch and and play with and smell and soothe. The outdoors has always been beneficial to Wyatt (and us) and this book is giving me some great new ideas. And since I am reading something nonfiction and sort of textbooky, I am also reading a book by one of my favorite authors, who is always a go-to when I need something cozy. I haven’t read this particular title in a long time either so it is almost like reading it for the first time again.

Posted Last Week:

Book Review: Wild is the Witch

10 on the 10th

A Morning at the Fair

Watching and Listening:

Billy and I were on a roll with Only Murders in the Building Season Two, but then decided to hold off and let more episodes build up. Martin Short cracks me up! We decided to start the newest season of Death in Paradise while we are waiting. It will always hold a special place in my heart because we started it during Wyatt’s newborn phase, which was crazy. He was tiny, we needed to feed him a certain amount of food every three hours, but he also had acid reflux and needed to be held upright for thirty minutes after eating. And it took him forever to eat the smallest amount, like a 4 oz bottle would take 30 minutes. Billy and I did lots of just sitting and feeding Wyatt, and we subsequently watched a lot of tv. One of those was Death in Paradise and tiny baby Wyatt would shimmy his little body and chest pop to the theme song every time, without fail, which would make me laugh and smile. And he still loves the theme song and will stop what he is doing to dance to it!

Tonight we are watching our classic movie chosen by Lisa at Boondock Ramblings, His Gal Friday. I am looking forward to getting all cozy with some tea and watching. I am so ready for fall, y’all!

As for listening, I am still listening to Night Owl Podcast but sadly just listened to the last episode. The host has been unwell so he is taking a break. I’ve also been catching up on Lore.

And that’s my little update from our house! What have you been watching, reading, or listening to?


35 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post!

  1. I’ve never heard of Death in Paradise. I think I need to find out more about it. We are all caught up on Only Murders. It’s hard to wait.

    I do hope the wheelchair arrives soon. It’s so frustrating when things don’t appear when promised.

    Mindfulness & Nature-Based Therapeutic Techniques for Children sounds like a book my naturalist group might like to read. I’ll look and see if I can find a copy around here.

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    1. Oo it is a fun little show on BritBox! They do have a tendency to switch the lead detective out constantly which took a little getting used to, but I do like the show. 🙂

      I am really enjoying the book about nature and mindfulness. It has so many helpful exercises and activities. I am definitely buying a copy for our home. 🙂


  2. We’ve been watching Death in Paradise for a long time, but I don’t think that long. We started the new season and liked it okay. We are still making our way through Brokenwood, as you know.

    I need to take more books out at the library and I think I will be doing that more this upcoming school year.

    Here is hoping you have a good, but less full, week.

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    1. It’s a pretty good one! It does have some problematic language and ideas though right at the beginning but I am thinking those are being used purposefully to indicate how if you scratch the surface things are not so nice in that town.

      And thank you!


  3. Wow, just a few books from the library! We’ve been watching a lot of sports as the Commonwealth games (athletics, cycling, swimming, gymnastics to name a few) have just been held in England. This week the European championships are being held. With the world championships having been held this year too it’s been a busy season for many athletes.

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    1. The books look good. I love Death in Paradise! I watched so much TV when my son was tiny. He had an undiagnosed tongue tie for a while so feeding was long. We take out about 5 books at a time – it’s got to be done.

      Have a great week!

      Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
      My post:

      Sunday Salon

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  4. Aw a wagonful of books- what could be better? 🙂

    I haven’t watched PAradise but I have been watching Hotel Portofino and so far it’s not bad. A little slow but I’m giving it time. 🙂

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  5. Wyatt looks thrilled to be in a wagon full of books. I’m trying to remember Prince of Darkness. I know I’ve read it but I have no memory of it. Michaels is always my go to author for when I’m stressed or in a reading slump. Have a wonderful week!

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    1. He really was! Lol!

      So I haven’t read it in a million years, and in the beginning there are some problematic words and some ideas, although I think were intended to make a point about the town. But I wonder if that is the reason I haven’t picked this one back up in so long. I know that Barbara Michaels can be a little “dated” but this was different than the normal.


    1. Kathy Martin

      Love that photo of the wagonload of books and Wyatt too! I smiled when I saw Prince of Darkness’s cover – one pseudonym introducing another. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  6. It’s a busy time of year, isn’t it? We noticed a lot of empty campsites (in CA) the other day and I realized that school has already started for so many kiddos. Our current campground (in OR) still has a lot of little ones, so they’re probably on a different schedule (or homeschooled).

    Great library haul! Love the picture of Wyatt surrounded by books. 🙂

    We used to watch a lot of Death in Paradise (we dubbed it “Penguins in Paradise” for some silly reason), but I got tired of the frequent changes in cast, so I stopped watching. My husband still enjoys it, though.

    We’re re-watching Deadwood, which is just as good as the first time around. It’s nice to have a dvd set of something to re-watch while on a long road trip since we don’t stream anything while camping.

    Hope you have a great week, Erin.

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    1. It is so busy! And some schools do go back so early! I think my friend’s children go back next week, which feels early to me but I have a friend in Texas whose son went back in mid-July!

      The changes in the cast drives me crazy! After my favorite detective (the third one) left I had to take a long break because I was mad. LOL. It is annoying though. And Penguins in Paradise – I like it!!

      I LOVE Deadwood! When it was on HBO we would have viewing parties and then had a themed Deadwood party which was a lot of fun!


  7. I am so glad Wyatt loves books! The world truly opens up when you can open a book! We are watching Locke & Key. The problem with watching new seasons is I always forget what happened in the last season! I’d much rather binge watch several seasons. I’m reading The Nature of Witches and loving it! I just finished Dial A for Aunties and Four Aunties and a Wedding…funny and informative!!

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