10 on the 10th

Today’s 10 on the 10th is hosted by Marsha in the Middle, with questions by Gail of Is This Mutton. 10 on the 10th is the creation of Leslie from Once Upon a Time Happily Ever After.

This month is sports themed!

  1. Were you good at sports at school?
    • Hmm. I wouldn’t say I was good at anything that involved running. Lol. I was however a pretty good swimmer. I swam butterfly and freestyle for our high school team and I loved it. And I usually placed pretty high at meets!
  2. What are your three favorite sports to watch on TV?
    • Olympic Swimming, the Tour de France, and I love the winter Olympics, like all of the events. I tried to name my favorite events the last they rolled around and I ended up naming almost everything, except hockey. I used to watch the Detroit Red Wings play on television a long time ago but haven’t for years.
  3. Do you regularly watch any live sports?
    • Just the Olympics and the Tour de France.
  4. Does the Olympic medal ceremony make you emotional when your country wins a gold?
    • Yeah. Although like Marsha, I cry for any country who gets gold. I think about how those athletes must be feeling and boom, tears.
  5. What sport or fitness activities do you enjoy now? 
    • Hiking in the woods? I also love yoga but I haven’t done it in so long. I had hoped to get back to it this fall and looked into it but the classes don’t work with my schedule so.. I don’t know. Maybe I can just do yoga at home, an online class or something.
  6. Did you ever have a sporting hero who was your pinup?
    • No. I watch more sports now than I did even when I was younger. I always had band or actor posters.
  7. What’s the most memorable sporting occasion you can remember? 
    • When the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in 1997 or 1998. My cousin had a huge viewing party, and had constructed a faux Stanley Cup for us all to drink out of. Then we all piled into our cars and headed downtown where everyone was driving around and yelling and celebrating in the streets. It was a lot of fun. I was probably..22 years old so it was a good time.
  8. Is anyone in your family outstanding at sport? 
    • Um, no. My grandpa was a fantastic swimmer though. And bowler.
  9. Name three sports you try to avoid on TV.
    • All the footballs, basketball, baseball.
  10. Who’s the sports personality you admire most in 2022
    • I do not have one. I should probably watch more sports?

What about you? Are you sporty?


19 thoughts on “10 on the 10th

  1. rawsonjl

    I really enjoy doing Yoga at home; I use Youtube vides and my favorite is “yoga with Adrienne.” She’s very calming and give lots of suggestions for alternate poses and things and is very “you do you” about it all. That’s cool that you had a swim team in high school! We had very few sports options to pick from.

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    1. I think the trick will be to treat it like going to a class, to make sure I actually do it! I will try Yoga with Adrienne! Thank you!

      That sounds very much like what Marsha was saying. 😦 Even though I am not super sporty, I do appreciate the fact that there are sports for girls/women these days for those who are.


  2. Gail Is This Mutton

    I always wanted to do the butterfly but it seems to be frowned on in public swimming pools. Too many women trying to swim without getting their hair wet!

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  3. I’m not coordinated at all so sports were never my thing though I do love hiking. I love sports though and coached youth soccer for years. We watch a decent amount of baseball and college football and got weirdly obsessed with curling a little while ago!

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  4. Jennifer

    Hiking in the woods. Yes, I really hope to do more of that when my son returns. I do not enjoy being in the woods alone. Sad, but true. And I have always wanted to try yoga but just have not. It even looks healthy:) I loved to swim when I was younger… was even on the neighborhood swim team (but I suppose I completely forgot about that)!

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