Kid’s Bedroom Inspiration: Nature and the Outdoors

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So, during our COVID isolation, we had a lot of time to sit and look at our rooms. Again. I decided we pretty much need to refresh every room except my office. And the den. Lol. So the other day Wyatt and I sat down and looked at different things online to discuss his room! He had told me before he wanted outdoors and space for his room. I went more space and I think we both are unhappy with it. So, we revisited and he just wants more moon stuff to go with the outdoors stuff. That, I think we can do pretty darn easily. And, he is outgrowing the little low bed I got him, which is fine, I knew it was just a short term type thing. With his cerebral palsy I have to admit I am super nervous about him being in a big old bed alone, but I am sure there work arounds if I think about it. I am pretty creative when it comes to that.

Anyway, this is what Wyatt, with my guidance, picked. Because frankly we were not going with all of his choices. Seven year old boys have somewhat questionable taste! So let’s just say, I gave him lots of approved choices for him to pick from… although I did let him pick the colors all by himself.

First, the bedspread. We actually have a vintage Hudson Bay blanket that was in my mom’s house and she no longer wanted it, so my brother and I decided I could have it for Wyatt’s room. I think it will look really cool. I am glad we had access to one because phew they are pricey. (antique version) Although, if I can’t get it to feel less scratchy I will be getting this kids version, which is much more affordable at fifty dollars.

So, once we had that picked out we realized we needed to pick a new bed frame. We tried to find a wrought iron style with a trundle in case of overnight visits but we couldn’t really find one. He did like this one though and I agree it’s pretty cool. You can find it here. I like that it still seems pretty low and smallish which I think will be better for him to manage.

From here we looked at a million different bookshelf situations and lights. He really liked a bookshelf that looks like a little house, and I am sure Billy can build one himself all DIY style, which would be cool. I picked out the pendant light, sorry Wyatt. It was just so pretty! The light is from AADecor on Etsy. They are taking a break right now but that is ok, we are still in the planning and painting stages of everything.

We still have to talk about all his personal touches, like artwork. He does have some neat framed art already in his room that will just carryover, and some shelves with all his important things he has made or received. And his desk, which we will keep using until he outgrows it, which might be pretty soon! Then we will just move school to the dining room table, which will just free up space in his room – for more books or musical instruments or drawing stuff, knowing my son. We did pick a few new pieces of artwork out though, for the bedroom wishlist! Trying to get some of the moon elements in that way – I think that wolf print is pretty neat!

National Parks Explorer’s Guide Poster // Michigan Lumberjack // Moon Wolf

And, I think with these changes and some added extra personal touches, we should be good for a while!


7 thoughts on “Kid’s Bedroom Inspiration: Nature and the Outdoors

  1. As I was reading this, I realized I never gave my boys any choices in their rooms!! That might be why they spent so little time in them (until they got video games that is). I love that old Hudson Bay blanket, and I hope you can figure out how to make it less scratchy. It sounds like Wyatt is going to have a pretty cool room!

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    1. I hope I can make it less scratchy too, it is so cool. He is like me though and somewhat sensitive to wool.

      And lol! Well..he is not getting bright yellow walls like he requested. Yellow is pretty but the Big Bird yellow color he wanted would be a bit much. Although, I just had an idea! We could try to emulate the stripes from the blanket onto his walls, since I am painting them a sort of white/off white color. Hmm…. that might be neat.


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