Morning Coffee Catch Up

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The coffee is hot and delicious this morning! This week we are drinking Seattle’s Best Post Alley, a dark roast and dang, it is smooth.

Wyatt started swim lessons! He is super excited about going, this kid loves a pool. I had to explain though that while this is fun, it is more for learning and not playing around. That is reserved for grandma’s pool!

If you read my National Parks Jr. Ranger post, you might remember that Wyatt and I tried an online version for Denali National Park. Since we are probably not going to make it to Denali in his youth, and he knows about Denali from the PBS cartoon Molly of Denali, we started there. We completed the activity book together and mailed it in, and Friday Wyatt received the nicest letter and his badge in the mail!

Saturday night was date night! Billy and I went to our local street art fair, which is huge! We walked around, browsed, had a drink and some food, and bought a print for our bedroom. I am making a gallery wall of night time nature type prints and this one will fit perfectly! It immediately spoke to me, the moon, the fireflies, and it reminded me of our recent mini-getaway. The artists, Dennis and Christina of Arsenal Handicraft, are local to us and had beautiful artwork! They do illustration and screenprinting and I wanted to buy everything.

Sunday we did yard work, in spurts because it was super muggy. I have a ton of new bites on my leg from something, which is not cool. Our wildflower garden experiment is starting to pay off! Except, we don’t know what is a flower or a weed until it blooms! Or doesn’t, I guess? I pulled a bunch today after using Google Lens, but I left quite a bit I was feeling skeptical about. We will see! I also felt in communion with grasshoppers as they were leaping all around me as I was working. We have so many! And my caterpillar count is up to..11? Maybe 12. I have filled up most of my empty tanks so this might be it for a while.

And now I guess I’d better get a moving!


4 thoughts on “Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. We’ve had a few plants growing that we couldn’t identify until they flowered. Some we loved, others got pulled up straight away! Congratulations to Wyatt on his Denali badge and I hope he’s enjoying the swimming lessons.

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  3. We’ve been drinking Seattle’s Best Post Alley for years! It’s our favorite, but it seems like it’s been scarce in our grocery story these past couple of years. Everytime I see some on the shelf, I get a half dozen bags (of the large size)! I even had to resort to ordering it on Amazon when I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    That plant might be a weed, but it’s a pretty weed. 🙂


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