Things That Made Me Smile Thursday

I was on Instagram earlier this morning, scrolling while I sipped on my first coffee of the day, and someone had posted little things that make them smile. Which got me thinking, what made me smile this week?

  1. Our small but mighty raspberry bushes! They are not big or not many but they produce enough right now for us to have a handful or two every few days. My little niece happily raided them the other night, and … it made me smile. That is one of my favorite ever memories of my Uncle Art, eating fruit and vegetables straight from the garden, still warm from the sun.

2. The toothless grin of my feral child. He was over the moon with excitement over this rock we found on a walk and talked about it the entire walk. I love that these small things can make him so happy.

3. That a whole stack of books I requested from the library came in at once on a day that I was sort of having a crummy day. This made me happy and made my day feel brighter. I felt like I had won the library book lottery!

4. This is pictured at the top, but bubbles! Can anyone not smile when they see bubbles? Wyatt and I spent some time hanging on the porch during the heat of the day, in the shade, while he blew bubbles and shot bubbles out of his bubble gun. Because life is fancy these days, with battery operated bubble guns.

5. Little caterpillars! I wasn’t going to bring any in this year other than the batch I saved from a hail storm, but I noticed they were losing the war in the yard, between parasitic wasps and predatory insects and birds. They all deserve to survive too, but I thought I would start bringing some in to raise. It was making me sad to see them disappear overnight! So I have three little hungry hungry caterpillars right now and watching them munch and munch makes me smile.

What are some things that have made you smile this week?


10 thoughts on “Things That Made Me Smile Thursday

  1. Love this post, Erin! We all need an Uncle Art (or Aunt Agnes) in our lives! What’s making me smile? Hearing my dog snoring in my ear (he sleeps on the back of the couch). Watching my grandson put an entire freshly baked snickerdoodle in his mouth! Reading blog posts like this one…bubbles, raspberries, good books, and hungry, hungry caterpillars!

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  2. My aunt used to love blowing bubbles so after she died, my mom and my other aunt would blow bubbles on her birthday.

    A nice night out with my husband made me smile.

    And squash from my dad’s garden cooked in butter on the stove. Yum!

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  4. Oh, to have a raspberry bush! Those look delicious. I’ve been smiling a lot because we finally have summer-like weather with lots of sunshine and temps in the mid-60s. I know that sounds chilly to most people, but we rarely get anything warmer than 70-75. I’m just glad it’s stopped raining so I can enjoy our back deck. Have a great week, Erin!

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