Morning Coffee Catch Up

July is off with a bang! We had a wonderful long weekend, full of good times.

Saturday was all about Wyatt – ice cream, a picnic, and swimming with his cousin at his grandma’s house. We hit our favorite ice cream parlor, picking up the traditional black cherry for Billy and mint chocolate chip for Wyatt, and this time I went with a new one, Detroit Grand Slam. I don’t think I understand the name but it tastes good, like coffee.

We have two little water babies on our hands – or mermaids, as my little niece calls herself and Wyatt. And it is a much more whimsical description, so we will go with mermaids. Wyatt is all signed up for private swim lessons, and I can’t wait. I will feel so much more relaxed after we get some basics covered.

Sunday we went for a long drive, then chilled out at home. I think we were recovering from a long pool day, and knowing that another big day was coming on the 4th. I did release my last little black swallowtail. I only brought in five caterpillars this summer and my last one just went through it’s transformation and flew away. I hope to bring in a few more to raise later in the summer; we just have too many trips and overnights right now in the works.

But the fourth was a day to remember. A golden moment in time, honestly. A perfect day.

I haven’t seen some of my family since the pandemic started – my aunt and uncle (Barb and Mike), my two cousins (Michael and Meghan), and their families. My cousin Michael invited us all for a family party at his house on the fourth, for a cookout and some swimming, so of course the two little mermaids were excited about that as well.

We pulled up in the driveway, and tumbled into the backyard, where Mike was standing by the gate. When I saw his smiling face, I couldn’t help it, I teared up. And then my cousin Meghan came over for a hug and we were both teary and emotional. We have always been so close, all of us, and it was overwhelming to finally be with each other again. But once the quick tears dried up, the fun began!

Of course the kids hit the pool immediately. Michael and Meghan’s kids (3 boys for Mike, 2 boys for Meghan) were already in the pool, and Wyatt wanted to get in as well. Billy had a few minutes to say hi and give hugs and then boom, he was in the water with Wyatt. Pretty much for most of the day. Lol. There was also a lifeguard which was reassuring with so many kids in the pool at once – 9 total plus dads. And the rest of the day was all about sharing stories, both old and new, eating, drinking, laughing, listening to the music, and soaking up the sun (slathered in sunblock as our family will burn in a hot second). My cousin made an awesome playlist which I am sharing because it is a real mood for a summer gathering.

We finally had to say goodbye, and loaded up our weary kids into the car, tuckered out from a very full day of fun. I was also that kind of tired too, that comes from a day spent outdoors having a very full day of fun as well. Wyatt zonked out hard in the car on the way home, and didn’t even wake up when Billy carried him in to the house. The hallmark of a perfect childhood day.

What about all of you? Any stories from your weekend you want to share?


11 thoughts on “Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. Love it! That’s a full and heart full weekend!

    We went to the movies on Sunday then my parents and a pool day on Monday. Now we are off to a parade, a day for relaxation in between, and then Little Miss has some friends coming over on Friday. Hmmm…where is my lazy summer I called for. *wink*

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  2. What a wonderful weekend you all had! The ice cream sounds delicious!! And, a pool party would be a fabulous way to reunite! It was so overwhelmingly emotional the first time I was able to hug my kids once everyone had had their vaccinations. My kids wouldn’t come near us (my husband is in that high risk group) for more than a year. We would gather in the garage or outside, but never close enough to hug. That was so hard. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!

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    1. We had so many days like that as well before our vaccines – we were very watchful because of Wyatt. So many outside events where we couldn’t hug my mom or dad for fear of their health as well! This was such a nice reunion – I missed my extended family!


  3. Sounds like a great gathering! We have a big group of cousins arriving in a couple of weeks, so I’m saving the playlist that you shared. Thank you! Great tunes!


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