Hello, July!

Hello July! Summer is really starting to ramp up! My garden is filling out, I’m barefoot as much as possible, and the butterflies are back.

Our strawberries are just about done with their production for the year, and they were so good. But now the raspberries are poised for their turn, and raspberries are my very favorite. I picked the first of the ripe raspberries the other day and Wyatt and I enjoyed them on the porch for breakfast. There were not many yet, but there soon will be.

Last night I said goodbye to June while lounging in my friend’s backyard, for girl’s night. It was a hot night, 90 degrees but her yard was cool from the breeze from the river and the shade from her trees. It was a wonderful night. I enjoyed catching up as it has been a bit since all four of us have been able to get together. Another sign of summer – I have switched to white wine as my drink of choice. I love it with just a bit of a chill on these hot nights.

I haven’t been raising butterflies this summer – I already have an abundance of tanks in my house and lots of little mouths to feed but I did bring in five early caterpillars a few weeks ago. They will more than likely be my only butterfly babies this year. This week, three have eclosed! We named them Daniel, Blueberry, and Basil. Wyatt picked Daniel, and a friend’s daughter picked Blueberry.

Wyatt and I are enjoying a slow down. I had intended to homeschool through June and July but I realized I was burned out. And if I was burned out, then Wyatt had to be as well. So, we are on holiday, and might be until the end of the month! We are still reading books by the stack. I visit the library at least twice a week for books for Wyatt, and we are reading Charlotte’s Web every night before bed. We have easy mornings, lazy afternoons, and it has been wonderful honestly.

Next week Billy, Wyatt, and I are going on a little mini-getaway, and I am so excited. I rented a tiny house on a farm for a few nights, and it supposed to be surrounded by fireflies at night in July. It will be nice to have a few days away the three of us.

As for the rest of July, I am hoping for lots of swimming, tomatoes and berries from the garden, flowers and bees and butterflies. Slow living. I would like to make jam and can tomatoes and paint and eat ice cream and have picnics, and just have lots of unhurried days and evenings.

How about you? How is the summer treating you so far? Any plans?


14 thoughts on “Hello, July!

  1. Oh my gosh that trip is going to be so awesome! We have fireflies around here but I haven’t gone out to look at them. I need to do that.

    The butterfly photo is so pretty!

    I rambled about my summer so far in a post today too because you inspired me to do so.

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  2. What a lovely trip that sounds like it’s going to be! And a lovely summer. I’m not sure how my July is going to pan out as my main two running friends won’t be around, and as I have quite a quiet life, that’s a lot of my socialisation gone! I have already arranged to run to meet different (faster) running friends to pass over a book this week and will try to cultivate some more running partners so I get some chats!

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    1. It will be a nice short little getaway, just simple and fun. Hopefully! Lol.

      We have a pretty quiet little life too, and I realize that that is how I like it. πŸ™‚ I am sure you do as well. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your runs and new running partners!


  3. Beautiful photos! Do enjoy those raspberries, ours are currently producing a good crop too. I’m sorry to hear you are feeling home-school burnout, a good break will hopefully recharge both your batteries.

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  4. This is such a great post! I love that you’re able to embrace a slow summer filled with lots of fun and memory-builders.

    That yarrow (paprika variety?) is so pretty. At least I think that’s what it is (in the photo with your raspberries and butterfly). And what a stunning shot of the butterfly. That photo would make for a great puzzle. πŸ™‚

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  5. Your trip sounds so peaceful and lovely, Erin! And, even if you’re not homeschooling right now (good for you for taking a break), you’re still reading! And, to me, reading is always a wonderful way to pass the time while you’re learning. You always read the best books! Your summer plans sounds wonderful. We are still packing up the house though not so frantically as we’ve found out our house won’t be done until August…dang! I did just have a wonderful girls weekend and am so much more refreshed for having done it!!


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