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We are home from our trip! It was wonderful and amazing and way too short! There is also this:

True words, my friends. And then when we got home, Billy left for a camping trip with the guys! So, not much reading happening for me, sadly. I told him he owes me a weekend away too; I am thinking a trip where I go off by myself (or with like minded people) to read all day and then have a good dinner, a glass of wine, and a fire in the evening. And take naps as needed too of course. That sounds like heaven just about now.

Read Last Week:

I read the first in this series the other week, and thought it was so enchanting that I had to get the next one! This one is also quite charming, and I have recommended them to just about all the parents I know as a read aloud.

Reading This Week:

The Gone-Away Lake books reminded me of this book that I read and loved years ago, The Hotel Paradise by Martha Grimes. And now I want to read it all over again. I have a weird theme going, I know.

Posted Last Week:

My Top Ten Summer Movies

Sand Dunes, Shopping, and Petoskey Stones

Lighthouses, Lavender, and Ice Cream

A Bear, A Beer, and a Bit of a Scare


We watched Murdoch Mysteries this past week – it’s our go to show when the days have been long and busy, which they were last week. Then this weekend I watched two old classics – Key Largo and Double Indemnity. I had watched Key Largo before and loved it, but it was my first time watching Double Indemnity. Lisa from Boondock Ramblings and I are suggesting old favorite classics to each other to watch this summer. Feel free to watch along with us! I am going to post more about this on Thursday.

Billy and I are hoping to finish Outer Range and start Stranger Things (whatever number this new season is). And then we have The Umbrella Academy to watch as well!

And that is it from my corner of the world!


22 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Sounds like a great time. We have a family holiday coming up and I’ve tentatively asked if I can bring a book 😂 my mum has said yes, my partner has said no 🤣 I will therefore take 2 books…

    I want to watch The Umbrella Academy! I loved the first one and it ended on such a cliffhanger!

    Have a great week ahead!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

    Sunday Salon

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  2. We love old movies, and we are always looking for more good ones. I’ll be watching to see what you recommend.

    The Gone-Away Lake books are books I read when I was a child, and one day I should reread them again.

    You should definitely do a day for yourself. Or several days!

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  3. Hi there Erin! Summer always flies by, winters drags forever. Like it does here with us.

    I don’t know any of the two books you’ve shared, but your enthusiasm has me intrigued now. Will take a look at especially the Martha Grames one!

    Have a good week and happy reading!

    Elza Reads

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  4. Glad you had a good trip! We’re hoping to get up to Traverse in July if all goes well. Those old movies sound great. I haven’t seen either of them – I’ll have to put them on my list to watch. And stranger Things is a trip this season! Hope you guys like it!!

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  5. I remembered the name Elizabeth Enright but couldn’t remember the books I read of hers as a child. Looked her up and it was “Zeeee” and “The Saturdays”. Need to check out this series you are enjoying so much. I loved All of a Kind Family, too, but that was written by Sydney Taylor. That book was why I starting eating and enjoying green peas!!

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  6. I’ve never read anything by Martha Grimes, but somehow wound up with a half dozen of her books, including Hotel Paradise. Maybe I’ll start reading her books once I’m caught up on Deborah Crombie’s series. Is The Hotel Paradise part of a series or a stand-alone?

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  7. I either read nothing or tons on vacation – there is no in between! Periodically I think about getting a hotel room for my birthday and lying around reading and snacking! One of these days I just might. I love Gone-Away Lake and Return to Gone-Away! The only thing about it that makes me sad is that I didn’t discover it when I was a child because I would have loved it. Now I need to read Hotel Paradise. I’ve enjoyed Martha Grimes’ mysteries but you’ve got me curious about this one!

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    1. Wouldn’t that be lovely!!! Lol. I would love that!

      I have the same feeling about Gone-Away Lake! I wish I had read them as a child. I really loved them. I am taking my time reading Hotel Paradise. I had forgotten how beautiful the writing is!


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