Lighthouses, Lavender, and Ice Cream

Saturday morning was chilly – and I love a chilly morning by the lake with coffee. I stole a few moments away by myself and went down to the deck to look out over the water, which is my favorite “up north” thing to do. I love listening to the birds singing around me, the gentle lap of the water, and the peace of the moment. After a bit, my brother and SIL wandered down as well, and we all spotted a mink swimming in the water in front of us! It was a really cool sighting, and less scary than the bear.

We had a slow morning getting ready, drinking coffee, having breakfast, and finally we all loaded up into our cars to head to Mission Point Peninsula and the lighthouse, our first stop.

The lighthouse lens was first lit in 1870 and kept ships safe until it was decommissioned in 1933. I always think about what a quiet existence lighthouse keepers lived in these remote areas, especially in the winter. Now you can pay to be a keeper at the Mission Point Lighthouse which might be fun just for the experience of living in a lighthouse. It was super crazy windy and kind of cold while we were there, and it is June – I can’t imagine January but it must be stunning to look out in winter at all the ice and snow.

We were freezing so we didn’t stick around too long before heading to our next stop, Brys Vineyards. This has become our family’s favorite winery on the Peninsula, and we love the Secret Garden best of all.

We of course had to do a “now and then” photo of the kids!

We played around in the garden for a bit before heading up hill to the winery. The kids and the guys stayed outside while the rest of us (Chrissy, Michelle, my mom, and I) went in to the tasting room. I was excited to see they had hard cider. They even had a lavender hard cider that all four of us tasted – and it was perfect! I picked up a four pack of the lavender cider and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. I will save it for some future summer evening when I want to remember our trip.

This time when we got back into the car, Wyatt picked our next destination – Moomer’s Ice Cream! This place is a much loved tourist spot, and one we have never done. Apparently in high summer the line can be wrapped around the parking lot! Thankfully it was not busy when we were there and we got our ice cream relatively quickly.

After finishing our ice cream, we all decided it was time to relax back at the house. Wyatt took a nap, everyone else just chilled out doing various things – sitting by the lake, on the deck, just enjoying the sun and relaxing. For dinner we went to Red Mesa Grill (if you go get the tacos!), and then that was it for day 2!


17 thoughts on “Lighthouses, Lavender, and Ice Cream

  1. I love the top image of your coffee cup on the deck railing. I have several that are similar that I’ve taken in my travels. 🙂 Very cool to see a mink!

    Cute “now and then” pics of the kiddos. The gardens are beautiful and I love the poppies.

    It sounds like a perfect summer getaway!

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    1. It is a tradition of mine to take that type photo on vacation! I love that you do it as well. 🙂

      Thank you! Those poppies were gorgeous!

      It really was. Next year we will have to stay longer, we didn’t want to leave. And now I wish I was still there!


  2. Give lavender any and everything. I bet that hard cider was delicious and refreshing.
    Those babies are so precious. Love the then and now photos. I remember 4th of July in Boston on the beach…we wore sweaters. Ha!! Glad you were able to steal away for a few minutes and a cup of coffee down by the beach.

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  3. Oh, gosh, you’re making me wish I’d snuck up north and hidden myself in your suitcases! I am with you on living in a lighthouse for a season…that would probably be enough for me! I’ve never had hard cider to begin with…I didn’t even realize lavender had a taste…I’m going to have to taste one or the other now!!! Loved seeing the pictures of the kiddos now and then…that was a cool thing to do! Looking forward to the rest of the days!

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  4. What a perfect vacation! I love all the photos! I can imagine how relaxing it all must have been. It’s a gorgeous place! I think I might would pay to stay in that lighthouse, if I can just books and take naps all day while drinking cocoa.

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