Greenfield Village – First visit 2022

Yay! The Village is open for the season! We love Greenfield Village so much. We live so close that we get a membership every year. It is fun to go to the different events and exhibits, but what we like to do is just go and enjoy the grounds themselves. It is a wonderful place to go with Wyatt that always has something to do, or if we are feeling low key we can just go for a walk around or a train ride and eat frozen custard.

It was seriously the BEST spring day. Vivid blue skies, a breeze, just warm enough. The perfect day to visit really.

This pavilion is new. Well new to the village at least. It was originally part of Detroit’s Central Farm Market, and was built in 1860 and closed in 1890. It was moved to Belle Isle until eventually falling into disrepair. The Henry Ford bought the building before it was destroyed in 2003 and reconstructed it at Greenfield Village, where I believe they plan to use it for their own farmers market filled with the produce and products grown and made there. I am excited to check it out!

And in all of our years visiting, we never knew there was a candy store! What! Now that we know, we will be back. I particularly loved these Michi-gummies. So did Wyatt, although I am the only one who played with them.

This is early spring at Cotswold Cottage, one of my favorite houses. The flowers have not come up yet, but they want to! The birds were busy making nests in the house, and we had fun playing around inside and out. I can’t wait to go back and see it in all of it’s summertime glory. (Daggett Farmhouse is my other favorite building)

Another sleeping garden, a sleepy Main street, fit the mellow mood. Soon these streets will be filled with families and couples and tourists, but while we were there it was still fairly subdued. I couldn’t help but think of Murdoch Mysteries as I walked around this part of the village.

It was a relaxing outing, low key, easy. We have many more visits this season in our future!

If you want to take a digital look around, click on the locations on this map!

6 thoughts on “Greenfield Village – First visit 2022

  1. It looks great! I haven’t been in years! Maybe one day with the kidlets. I had thought I’d get the family a membership for Christmas but they wanted the zoo instead and it might make sense for now — but in another year or two, this one!


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