Many Mini-Adventures

We took a much needed week off last week! We spent the first two days laying low, reading, playing games, and watching tv. We have been working hard and we deserved it. By Wednesday, we were feeling restless though and we picked up mom/Grandma Bird (Wyatt started calling her Bird when he was a toddler and it has stuck) and went for a spring walk in the woods.

It was a great walk, there was sunshine, woodpeckers, and flowers just poking their heads up. And bluebirds! I spotted two bluebirds on our walk and I was thrilled! We checked for frogs and salamanders but didn’t spot any. We will keep trying though!

Since it was our spring break, Billy took Thursday and Friday off! We spent Thursday at Greenfield Village, which I will post about tomorrow, and then the rest of the weekend we spent bopping around with our various mini-adventures. We all had a few requests that we wanted to do – Wyatt wanted ice cream and a picnic, I wanted to visit the nursery on opening day, and Billy wanted a beard trim. We all got our wishes plus a few extras!

The nursery happened first. We got up bright and early, braved the slightly chilly temps, and poked around the aisles, planning and choosing. I didn’t buy much this go ’round – spring is being too fickle here in Michigan right now. I did pick out a few new houseplants. Wyatt loves to name my plants, and he named these three Zoey Zebra, Emily Elephant, and Peppa after characters from Peppa Pig. I think they were pretty spot on! Wyatt also picked out a few for a little pot all his own.

Then we had an impromptu visit to the doctor for Wyatt. On Tuesday, he woke up with a red spot in his eye. By Friday, we thought it was looking worse, and we were afraid he had something in it, like one of his super long eyelashes.

Thankfully, it was just a broken blood vessel – which he may have gotten from singing loudly. Picture me rolling my eyes here, because this kid can get LOUD!!

The next day was 80 degrees! We decided to split Wyatt’s requests up into two days, and have our picnic Sunday when the ground would be a bit more dry and we could really take our time. So Saturday, Billy got his beard trim – or chop, however you want to view it, as he had like 8 inches cut off! I feel like he looks quite distinguished now. We also got ice cream, to Wyatt’s delight. On our way home we impulsively stopped at an estate sale, which I ran into alone. And I feel like I left a winner! I picked up a beautiful chair for my office for only $15 dollars. As I was carrying it out people were commenting that it was a gorgeous chair, and a man pointed to it and told his wife, “That is the chair I wanted you to see, but you were too slow..:. I guess my chair was popular! We went back later in the day, all three of us this time, and left with two hedgehog statues – I picked one and so did Wyatt. He is totally my kid. (and I promise that in the photos Wyatt did have ice cream, he just likes his cone on the side)

Sunday finally was picnic day! It was a beautiful day for one, 80 and sunny!

It was a great few days of fun before returning to all of responsibilities!


13 thoughts on “Many Mini-Adventures

    1. Wyatt can sing so nicely – and then other times, he decides shrieking is singing. Billy and I call it “drunk girl at a party energy”. The doctor was listing different ways he could have gotten it, like vomiting or coughing, which he hasn’t done, and then she mentioned screaming, and we were like, oh yeah, that is probably it.

      I am glad we had such nice weather too! Especially since this week is such a bummer! We are so so close!


  1. What is it about spotting a blue bird that brings us such joy? I also love indigo buntings, but haven’t seen one in ages. You got a great deal on that chair! It’s a beauty. And your husband’s beard looks so nice. I’m quite envious of your 80 degree weather. We’re still in the lower 50s with scattered rain showers. I am glad that you had such a fun, relaxing week. Everyone should have one of those every month, don’t you think? 🙂

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    1. It really does! I was so excited! Lol. And I would love to see an Indigo Bunting. I have never seen one!

      Thank you! I was pretty darn excited about that chair lol. Now to keep the cats away from it… that is a different story.

      We had two lovely days of 80 degrees. Today is 30!! What is happening here?


  2. Oh, Greenfield Village…we keep talking about going there. The last time I went, I was chaperoning a bunch of sixth graders! I have so many good memories of going there. Your chair is pretty fabulous! And, I love hedgehogs. I had one once as a classroom pet…they really aren’t very good for that because they’re nocturnal! Wyatt surely does have the best outings!

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