Hello March!

I feel it – spring is coming, it’s right around the corner! We are making it through the dark and cozy months and headed into the sunnier, light filled springtime (at least here in the northern hemisphere). We still have bits of ice and snow on the ground, the air is still chilly and we need coats and gloves most days, but warmer days are coming. I love winter, but I love spring as well. The waking up of the earth after a long sleep, the return of the migrating birds, insects and gardens and longer days filled with light, all fill me with joy.

We start the month with an important celebration, Wyatt’s birthday on the 2nd. He was due to be a mid-April birthday baby but he had other plans and came earlier than expected. But that is typical Wyatt; he is always doing the unexpected, zigging when we think he will zag, from even before he was earthside. The doctor who delivered him told us that Wyatt was always going to keep us on our toes and do the opposite of what we thought, and he was right on. I guess after you deliver a few thousand babies you get a feel for what they might be like. His doctor was an old Italian doctor, from Italy, trained in Italy, and we loved him despite everyone telling us that he could be blunt and abrupt. Apparently that is our style, because we adored him. I think March being Wyatt’s birth month has inspired me to love the month more, because before I was not much a fan. Will it be cold? Warm? In Michigan, who knows? We could be at 50 degrees in the morning and have a snowstorm before bed. The year Wyatt was born was one of the coldest on record. I actually had to spend four weeks in the hospital before Wyatt was born, and I remember ice forming on the windowsills INSIDE my room. The nurses would bring me warm blankets from the warmer at night and it was very cozy, despite knowing it was absolutely Arctic outside.

We started a few seeds over the weekend – sunflowers and Ukranian beets. The plan is to start a bunch more over the next few weeks to get ready to plant in April. Cold weather crops, like radishes. I love radishes. I know they are not everyone’s favorite but on bread with some butter – delicious. I am getting excited to start digging in the dirt again!

Wyatt gets his new walker next week and with that, we hope to get outside to use it on some fun walks. I need new sneakers though! I rarely buy myself clothing, I usually buy things like books and er..reptiles and amphibians, before I buy clothes, but this year I need them. Mine were rough last year, and I tossed them the other day to force myself to get new ones. I have worn low top black Converse since I was in high school; is it time to try something different? I feel like we all need to spruce up our wardrobes in this house a bit! I might need some overalls for gardening, but I guess I could add in some more fun things as well because the world is opening back up again, at least for now for us. We will continue to mask up because of Wyatt, but we need to get this kid back into the world a bit! See some new faces and places and all that.

Speaking of getting out more – I mentioned before that my brother and I were looking for a place up north to take our families together. Well friends, we found the unicorn we were hoping for! Big enough for the group of us (our two families, plus two grandmas), a large outside area with a deck overlooking the water and a fire pit, a private small beach area for the kids, air conditioning, and fifteen minutes outside Traverse City. Billy and I and Wyatt stayed outside Traverse City last year and it was a great area to be in with so many options for different things to see and do. We are looking forward to this summer kickoff trip with family.

We have lots of good things in the works and I am excited to share them with you all along the way!


11 thoughts on “Hello March!

  1. Happy birthday to Wyatt! Your doctor sounds like a very intelligent man…it seems the gruff ones are often the best. I didn’t realize you were in Michigan…what part if I may ask? I used to live near Fort Wayne, Indiana. As a kid, we traveled to Michigan a lot. I love Mackinac Island and would love to spend just one winter there (I think one winter would probably cure me of wanting to be there for a winter)! I’ve always heard Traverse City was lots of fun. The only time we were there, it was kind of closed down for the season. Enjoy your time…I’m sure it will be amazing!

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    1. We really loved him! We couldn’t figure out why people didn’t. Lol.

      We are in Michigan! We live in southeast Michigan, in the Detroit Metro area. I would love to spend a winter on Mackinac Island as well! Although yeah, one winter would probably be enough. And Traverse City is so cool if you ever get the chance to go back to the area.


  2. Stefanie

    That’ll be fun! It’ll be so cool to join families at a vacation spot. Happy birthday to Wyatt. He has an amazing mama who makes sure he has the best time.


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