Glimpses of Life Around Here

Life has been pretty slow around here lately. We’ve been laying low, and hanging out at the house quite a bit. Billy had a crazy dentist appointment where we learned he needs quite a few things done, including a bone graft from a tooth infection, which prompted the visit in the first place. We have had various family members sick, both from Covid and regular illness, and frankly, the weather has been a pain. We love taking Wyatt out but not when it gets to single digits or even the teens. So, with all these things factored in, we have been just chilling out.

We obviously had quite a library haul the other day. And about 7 new holds came in for Wyatt this week, so tonight I will pick up more and return a few of these. I utilize the library so much – it really does enable us to read so much more. One of Wyatt’s favorite things is reading, much like I loved books and reading at his age, so we fill the house with books. Almost literally.

Tooth number three has left the building. In quite a big showy way. While removing Wyatt’s shirt the other day, his tooth got snagged somehow and came out with a low popping noise. And blood. I am pretty sure I am almost passed out from the trauma. Wyatt, however, was fine. It was loose to begin with but still! We couldn’t find the tooth either! We ended up having the “tooth fairy” deliver his present to the den where the tooth was lost, and we told him that she had special powers to find it. So out of three lost teeth, the first was swallowed, the second was a typical experience, and the third put on a show. The one next to it is loose and wiggly so we will see what number four does!

We have also been planning the garden! I don’t really need to order many seeds this year, but we had fun flipping through and looking for some unique and fun things to plant together. Wyatt was adamant about planting pumpkins this year again, and circled almost every variety. Also lots of kale and spinach although I doubt he really actually wants that. I want to plant a few more apple trees in our yard this year, and I would love a small pond/water feature! Maybe it will attract ducks and toads. I would love some ducks. We are not allowed to “keep” them in our city but if they just happened to hang out here sometimes that would make me happy.

I also was able to have my mom over for dinner the other night, and I was so proud of her for holding Luna. She was a champ! Don’t you think my mom needs one of her own?

I feel a restlessness these days, knowing spring is around the corner. I need to get out and see some new things all. I guess I have cabin fever!! We are going to get out this weekend – I just have to figure out what it is we are going to do!


13 thoughts on “Glimpses of Life Around Here

  1. There is much to be said for low and slow. I’m with you on wanting spring. We have 6+ inches forecast over the next 24 hours (and the ice is terrible). I’ll be low and slow, too!

    Thanks for all your comments on the blog. I’m way behind answering so just know I appreciate all the catch-up and so enjoy having you as a blog friend!

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  2. I love how you share a love of books, so vital. I just had my Reading Time with my best friend (remotely reading the same book at the same time, with messenger chat on our phones) in the middle of a hard week and it’s such an oasis for me.

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    1. He loves reading and books so much! He asks for books as gifts and people don’t believe me lol. My parents do because they know how I was but I have to tell other family members, no really, he wants books!

      That is fantastic about reading like that with your friend. Love it!


    1. Lol! Hmmm.. that is a good idea…

      It is such a big part of our lives as well. Wyatt loves it as much as I do, and always has a book or two around him. πŸ™‚

      That is Luna, one of our leopard geckos! We have a menagerie of creatures here – 3 cats, 2 leopard geckos, 1 crested gecko, and a pacman frog. And my son asked for a frog for his birthday…so we will probably be adding to the menagerie soon. Animal lover is another way Wyatt takes after me.


    1. Yes! I love winter and we don’t mind cold weather – but there is a limit. Lol. Negative numbers – no thanks! Billy and I actually used to hike in negative temps but I don’t like to take Wyatt out that low. πŸ™‚

      Oh my gosh!! I would have definitely passed out seeing that!


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  4. Stefanie

    What a cool Nana holding Ms. Luna. I love how Wyatt got to choose which seeds he wants to plant and grow this year. And yay for a tall library stack. I need to pick up my books this afternoon.

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