Valentine’s Day

We had a pretty simple little Valentine’s Day this year, but it was a good one. It started out with strawberry Pop-Tarts, which I never buy, but I think I enjoyed mine more than Wyatt enjoyed his. In fact, I know I did since he took a few bites then asked me for toast instead.

After finishing our work for the morning, I set up our little hot chocolate party, and it was time for Wyatt to open his Valentine’s. We are part of an online cohort group for Blossom and Root, the curriculum we are using, and another mother organized a Valentine’s swap for any interested families. She divided us into “classes” of 25 and sent us our class lists and addresses. Wyatt and I looked online at different Valentine’s to make for inspiration and Wyatt found these that he liked. It ended up being an entire family craft project – the three of us spent a snowy Sunday morning creating them. I think they turned out super cute!!

We have been collecting Wyatt’s for two weeks now as they arrive and putting them in his Valentine’s Day mailbox – anyone who went to elementary school in the 80s probably made one similar.

As the envelope of Valentine’s grew fatter, Wyatt grew more excited to open them. Finally it was time for our little cocoa party for two. We had strawberry muffins to accompany our cocoa, although I had forgotten whipped cream! Billy makes super fancy cocoa; I am not that skilled and made it from a pouch, which we both still enjoyed minus the fancy.

After our cocoa party, Wyatt had a special delivery (from Amazon lol). My dad had ordered him a sled but due to all the snow it was delayed. Well, it arrived just in time for Valentine’s day! We are supposed to get another big snow tomorrow so looks like we will be putting it to good use very soon.

He had a good time sitting in it however, and scooting it around the house – and getting me to pull him around the house as well. The box it came in also provided some fun.

Next year I am hoping we can have a party with all of his cousins – all five girls.

Billy and I decided to skip Valentine’s this year for each other; instead this year was just about kiddo. We had grilled cheese sandwiches cut into hearts and french fries for dinner, followed by ice cream all accompanied by strawberry soda, another thing Wyatt never has, soda.

A simple easy day, nothing fancy, but definitely fun and full of love.


11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Adorable little boy! I love the innocence of kids making valentine’s cards. Even in the ’60s when I was in school we did it. Usually the teachers said you had to give one to every kid or not at all. So we all benefited from this. And my dad always gave my mother flowers and me a chocolate heart.

    I hope you get snow soon for him to be able to use his new sled. And an empty box is always a useful diversion for a boy (and cats like mine)!

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    1. Thank you Mia! Aw I love that your dad always did that; what great childhood memories! Wyatt really enjoyed making his Valentines. He is such an arts and crafts kid. 🙂

      We are supposed to get 5-9 inches today and tomorrow! Looks like we will be getting out there with the sled very soon!


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