My Sunday-Monday Post

Last week pushed my limits a bit. Everything was just off, if you know what I mean. I like our little routine life, and I have a hard time recovering when things get off kilter. Who knew a sick gecko could throw such a wrench in things? But, this week is a new week!

Read Last Week:

This book did not disappoint. It was excellent. I actually got it when I joined the Book of the Month Club in December – it was the entire reason I joined, to be honest. This book was only $5 if I joined then, and I felt like it was the perfect enticement to pull the trigger on signing up. However, I promptly skipped the month of January. Lol. I hope to review this one later this week!

Reading This Week:

Wyatt’s curriculum is starting geography/literature combined unit studies, and we are beginning with Russian folktales and stories. I found this one while perusing the list of stories out there, and thought this might be an interesting addition to the middle grade library I am building. I am looking forward to reading this myself first, then hopefully as a family read aloud.


The State of the Menagerie (my poor Harry!)

In Other News (and a small Harry update)


We finished up the Witcher, and I think we are getting pretty close to finishing Cobra Kai as well. In our quest for a new British mystery series, we tried a few and while they were good, they were not quite what we were in the mood for. Then we started Mr. and Mrs. Murder, and it was perfect! We wanted something a little funny and not as intense, and these two make us laugh. We are also getting ready to start All Creatures Great and Small. I can’t wait! Our movie night last night did not go so well. We started The Electric Life of Louis Wain and it was good and beautiful but also so sad! We ended up having to turn it off because I just kept crying and didn’t see that changing for me.

And that’s about it from around here! Hope you are doing well!


16 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. My husband has been pushing to watch The Electric Life but something has made me hesitate. I really dislike movies that make me cry so I may just avoid it altogether.

    I have one show that I watch alone–Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. My husband loves all things TV the way I love all things books so it’s hard to find something to watch when he has to work late and I don’t want to read. This is my show! I love the costumes more than anything. I’ll have to check out Mr. and Mrs. Murder too.

    Enjoy your week! I hope it’s smoother.

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    1. Ick! I am excited to see the choices for next month lol. I am giving it three months to see if it is worth it to me – I so rarely actually buy books, due to budget and space (all of that goes to Wyatt’s books lolol) that I am very picky about the ones I buy for myself.

      We started with Peter and the Wolf and we are having a great time with it. Tomorrow we read one called The Bun; it seems sort of like the gingerbread man, with runaway food. Lol.


  2. I like my routine, too. I had jury duty during the first two weeks of the month and it was emotionally draining. I’m so glad to have that behind me and get back to my normal routine (whatever that means in a pandemic!). We started watching MI-5, which is ok, but not great. We’ll definitely give Mr. and Mrs. Murder a try!

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