In Other News (and a small Harry update)

I had originally planned this post for earlier in the week but the week has gone a bit sideways! Just so hectic and crazy that I barely have had time to do the things I need to do. Oh who am I kidding? I haven’t had time to do those things and I have dishes piled up and library books that need to be returned and picked up and prescriptions waiting at the pharmacy, not to mention the groceries.. however, I have big plans for today after we finish school. I am going to knock it all out so that tomorrow we can just do fun things.

This past weekend was pretty relaxing at least! On Saturday Billy and I dropped Wyatt off at my mom’s for some grandma time and we went for a hike all by ourselves! We love our time with the kiddo, but it was also nice to be just the two of us for a change. And the hike was cold but lovely, and we saw deer! We were walking along and I caught this doe just laying down off the trail, looking at me very calmly. Then we saw three more near her. We looked at them, they looked at us. It was a peaceful moment. Why are deer so beautiful?

When we were leaving we saw a few more along the roadside, and then one standing among the trees, the branches framing her so perfectly that she looked like she had antlers.

Sunday was another easy going day. Billy made bread, and then later that night we went to my brother’s for soup night. We were hoping to have these every Sunday but decided to hold off for a few weeks until after Omicron peaks. But at least we had this one first! My brother made a vegan French Onion soup which was delicious, the kids had macaroni and cheese, the night was perfect. It was so nice to be together all cozy. The kids had a good time; my niece was having a blast with all of her dolls, and was very imaginative with her Elsa.. and all these plants! It made me so happy.

And Harry: he seems to be doing well! Billy and I have mastered how to do the meds; Billy holds him, I administer. Harry opens right up for me and I think it is because he used to me feeding him. But I have to tell you, it was so cute last night. We had just finished up with his meds, and Billy had set him back down. Well, I wanted to hold him too, which I hadn’t done since the vet’s office. We were kind of leaving him alone to recuperate. Well anyway, I picked him up and he had his eyes closed. I said to him “Hey Harry” and his eyes flew open and he turned around and raced up my arm and was preening and smiling at me. (Leopard geckos smile, it is so adorable. If you want a grin, google it)I think he was feeling good!


14 thoughts on “In Other News (and a small Harry update)

  1. claire @ clairefy

    This is lovely. I appreciate the photos and you sharing these aspects of your day-to-day with us. The past week has also been a bit hectic for me, and I have a stack of library books waiting to be returned, too, but here’s to hoping the next week will be a little more relaxed 🙂

    claire @ clairefy


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  3. Stunning photos, Erin. I love all the plants, too. In the midst of winter – even though ours has been mild – it is nice to see so much green.
    Hurray for Harry. You guys are rockin’ the med administration. Had no idea geckos smile. Going to look it up for a photo.
    French onion soup sounds so good. Made burgers tonight with onion jam. Also yummy. But I would rather eat soup and salad over about anything.

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    1. Thank you Leslie! The plants make us so happy! My house has quite a few but not as many as my brother’s house. Today as I look outside it is all white and snowy.

      We did pretty good with the meds! Teamwork for the win! Lol. As Harry started to feel better he got a little feistier!

      I love soup and salad too. My favorite!


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