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I feel like last week flew by! Just a week ago I had my mom over for dinner, a cold weather favorite of mine Chickpea Dumpling Soup, then we drove around looking at Christmas lights. And now it is Sunday all over again. We had a pretty good week in our homeschool; we are focusing on Jan Brett books this month and we started with The Gingerbread Baby and finished the week with baking gingerbread! I have had numerous friends and family in the hospital with various ailments so that was stressful, and I always throw myself into projects when I am stressed. They are all doing much better now though, so I am relieved and thankful. This weekend I just totally let go and had fun with my family. We went for a sunny December walk around the Henry Ford Estate in Dearborn, then donated some things to the animal shelter as part of our Wolfenoot celebrations from November. And let myself relax.

That photo of us with Henry Ford’s statue cracks me up. And I also joked with Billy that my reflection in the glass makes me look sort of like Santa Claus! The actual estate is closed for renovation right now but once it is open again I can’t wait to tour it. It is one of my favorite local sites to visit.


Read Last Week:

I love reading middle grade around the holidays for some reason, and this one was so good. A cozy British mystery set in the 1930s on the Cambridge campus at Christmas time…a more perfect setting for me couldn’t be found, I am sure. I really enjoyed this book, and I will probably read more in the series at some point.

Reading This Week:

I read book one in this series, The Tourist Attraction, last year and figured I would save this one for this Christmas. I really enjoyed The Tourist Attraction so I am hoping that this one is just as good. We are also reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe together as a family this month, before bedtime.

Posted Last Week:

Wolfenoote, Baking, and Christmas Homeschool

Hello December!

Nonfiction November Week 5: New to the TBR

Watching and Listening:

Billy and I are watching Wheel of Time, which I am really enjoying. We are also watching the Brokenwood Mysteries on Acorn, which is pretty good! We have started adding in Christmas movies too, with our first family Christmas movie Friday night, Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas.

As for listening, Spotify had their yearly wrap up the other day – and I was shocked to see that I had listened to so.much.Taylor.Swift. That being said, her Folklore and Evermore albums are really good. (Interesting fact: She grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania)

Here are some highlights from my Spotify Wrapped…

I am skeptical about the Joni Mitchell, considering I don’t really like her. I skip her when she comes on. So often in fact, that Wyatt can instantly recognize her voice and tells me to skip her too. So, either Spotify or Joni Mitchell is trolling me. And no offense to Joni Mitchell or her fans, her music just makes me sad.

Aaaaaannnddd that is it from our little burrow! I hope all is well with you!


22 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. I’m glad that you were able to get some time to go and just have fun with your family. It’s stressful to have friends and family in the hospital. Hope all feel better soon!

    I’m reading Narnia for the first time. This feels like the perfect time of year to read Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe.

    I completely forgot about Wheel of Time. I must see if I can find that series today.

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  2. Such a nice family photo! Down here in Fort Myers we have the Edison & Ford Winter Estates and they’re all decorated for Christmas, too – so beautiful. We have our share of photos with both Ford and Edison, lol! I need to add some holiday books to my December reading stack. Hope you have a good week.

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