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Happy 4th of July if you celebrate! We are having a slow day today, and not really doing much. We had a pretty busy Friday and Saturday though, with a trip to the zoo, a picnic, and a fire and BBQ with my family. Today we are keeping it low key. We did go for a ride earlier today, which is something of a tradition for us on the 4th. It is usually super hot and muggy and today is no exception. Wyatt just is not great in heat so we generally keep inside, get some ice cream, and go for a ride. I’m looking forward to watching Jaws later on (another 4th of July tradition) and finishing up my book!

Read Last Week:

I have one chapter left in this book but I am seriously in love with every bit of it. It is definitely one of the best books I have read this year – it is beautiful. I have already recommended it to so many people. It’s almost a treat to read it at night, I am enjoying it so much. Nezhukumatathil has an amazing talent.

Reading This Week:

This week I am starting both of these. Cape Cod is a favorite of mine, and a big chunker so I am sure I will be reading it over the next month. And I love the Truly Devious serious so I am super excited to read it! Wyatt actually has a 48 hour EEG this week, and we will be home for the duration of it. He will be all hooked up at the hospital, then we will do the actual EEG at home, then take him back to be unhooked. So, we will be staying at home those 48 hours, probably watching tv, reading, and doing sort of easy things.

Posted Last Week:

Hello July!

Our Butterfly Project #2

Iced Tea Afternoons


The Tour de France!! And pretty much nothing else, except for all creatures living in my home, my lizards and caterpillars and cats. I literally just sat and watched my first monarch caterpillar go into chrysalis and it was crazy! I managed to record some of it and I will post it in my update on Wednesday if you are interested.

And that is it from our little refuge. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


24 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed World of Wonders so much that you are recommending it to others. I thought it was beautiful writing. I love to read great books about nature.

    And, wow, a chrysalis? I’ve always wanted to see this happen. We’ve been amazed at all the butterflies we’ve had in our yard this year. Since we started doing our butterfly counts for a citizen science project, we’ve been very conscious of them.

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    1. It is so so wonderful. Like one of those books I wish I could go back and read again for the first time. Good thing I have all of her other work still to read!

      I managed to catch two caterpillars going into chrysalis! I currently have as of today – two butterflies to release, three in chrysalis, and six on deck getting ready to go! It is so awesome to watch them all flitter in and out isn’t it? I am also really aware of milkweed when we drive anywhere. Lol.


  2. Happy 4th! JAWS sounds like fun. 🙂 It’s muggy today, isn’t it???

    I really liked Truly Devious, I should read on with that series.

    I remember EEG’s, I had epilepsy as a kid so had to have them a couple times a year. Good luck with them this week hope the results are good!

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    1. Ugh this humidity!!! Our AC is on the fritz too, it has not been fun. Lol.

      That series is such a good one! So fun.

      Oh wow! I have never met anyone who has grown out of it but they did tell us that that is a possibility! Wyatt has partial epilepsy that affects just his right side for the most part. And mainly his arm and head. Thanks Greg!


  3. I haven’t heard of World of Wonders, but I am glad you are loving it so much and it does sound wonderful. Also, it’s a great cover. Hope you had a great 4th of July and enjoyed your rewatch of Jaws. It has been ages, since I watched it.

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  4. World of Wonders looks beautiful! This summer has been an epic one for fireflies here so that in itself pulls me in. This humidity is hard to deal with at times. I hope you had a fun 4th and a great week!

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    1. I loved that book so much!

      That is wonderful! I love fireflies so much! Speaking of fireflies, the author mentioned in the book that in a class of 22 elementary students that she talked to, 17 of the 22 had never seen a firefly, or even heard of them! That made me so sad. Fireflies are such a magical part of childhood!


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