Iced Tea Afternoons

Hoo boy has it been hot and sticky around here. My least favorite weather. Wyatt and I have been hiding inside as much as possible, in our sluggish air conditioning (but hey at least it is still working, although having a bit of a struggle..) for the most part. Neither of us do well in the heat – we just wilt and whine. I start guzzling the iced tea about noon, and he is getting more screen time than normal, and frankly, I am ok with it for right now. It seems like this is what is happening in every household around us though, the street is eerily quiet. No one is out and about. Pretty sure Dash is the only one in this house enjoying this weather.

We did do some stuff over the weekend though!

On Sunday afternoon we hopped in our car and headed off to Jurassic Quest, a drive-thru dinosaur event. I bought the tickets a few months ago, not knowing what kind of summer we were going to have. I figured we would start out easy, with a car based experience. Thank goodness, since it was a billion degrees outside. Since we were going like five miles an hour and my brother was the driver of the car behind us, I allowed Wyatt to sit on my lap rather in his seat, and held onto him like he was going to fly out the window at any second.

From an adult perspective, it was a wee bit lackluster. However, I guess for six year olds it was cool. Wyatt was waving and saying hi to all the dinos as we drove by. They did have an audio as well, that hooked up to the car radio that told about the period of dinosaur and a bit about it, so that was pretty neat.

Afterwards we parked in the lot and hung out with my brother and his family a bit. The kids enjoyed playing in the back of the Outback, and we joked that had this been the 1980s we probably could have all driven there in one car and just let the kids roll around in the back, without seats or seatbelts. I distinctly remember a trip to Pennsylvania for a family reunion one year and my cousin and I in the way way back, laying down in the back part of a station wagon. On the turnpike.

The kids compared loot from their souvenir bags that we pre-ordered with the tickets and Wyatt gave Dino Girl a little leather bracelet that he had made for her with Billy. It was super cute. Overall, it was fun to get out and do something, plus the kids had fun, and that is what matters!

The rest of the weekend it actually rained, so I feel like we lucked out in timing for the event. No rain!

I hope you are all enjoying the day wherever you are today!


6 thoughts on “Iced Tea Afternoons

  1. Ha ha in that one picture, I think they’re going to need a bigger fan to cool that Dino down!

    Yes, I rode from Indiana to California / Arizona many times in the back of our station wagon. And I remember my mom driving me and some friends somewhere and we positioned ourselves in the back of the station wagon so that every time she hit the brakes we would go tumbling backwards. Ah the good ol days. But, that being said, I was in a car wreck once, when I was 20-something, and the seatbelt probably saved my life since, even with the seatbelt my two front teeth were knocked loose on the steering wheel. We didn’t have airbags yet, or at least the car I was driving didn’t.

    Hope the weather eases up soon so you and Wyatt can have more fun adventures!

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    1. LOL I know right?

      It is so crazy to think about that, how we just rode like that! My mind is blown. Lol. I am crazy about car safety so it was super hard for me to even let Wyatt ride like that during the event. But every family was doing it so I think everyone was hyperaware of the other families and cars. Or at least I was.

      And thank you Jinjer!

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