A good morning for coffee

Buongiorno! This has been a long week! I have been immersed in different projects, mainly wrapping up our homeschool year and preparing for a little kindergarten graduation party for the kids. I am making the kids t-shirts with our “school” logo on it and I also put together little end of the year memory books too. I had them fill out some fun questions and draw pictures too – these two kiddos want to be a painter (Wyatt) and paleontologist (Dino Girl). I was not really surprised by either answer, unlike my friend whose daughter, at her public school graduation, said she wanted to be a compost worker. Lol. Wyatt and Dino Girl are also having a end of school beginning of summer pool party at my mother-in-law’s house. It will be fun!

My husband also printed all million (not really but it was like 1500) page curriculum for next year. I have been happily organizing it into binders and hope to start reading through it next week. It looks so cool! Billy works at a commercial printing company, they print things for companies, like fliers and hospital bills, as well as things for the government. Last March they printed all the fliers and mailers about COVID, including one from the White House administration about social distancing, etc. Billy is the network admin – and I am rambling. Anyway. The print room was out of hole punched paper so they printed it on regular paper, no big deal, I was grateful they were able to print it for me so quickly. They have a lunch on me coming soon! However, I sat down to hole punch it the other day and my hole punch is total crap obviously. I could do literally three pages at a time and it would still jam. I was growing increasingly frustrated – so I ordered an electric hole punch from Amazon. I have to admit, I was more excited than I should be to get it and hole punch everything. Like, this is what is fun for me now? It may be super nerdy of me but I flew through my pile in like 30 minutes. Totally worth it.

Speaking of fun, or lack of, I was telling my SIL about my hole punch and she said she had just listened to a podcast from Glennon Doyle about how women have lost the inability to play or have fun. Like, if it is work, it doesn’t count as fun. So since I was working, I couldn’t count it as fun. I was thinking about it, and it does seem really true. If I get an extra hour, I fill it with stuff like this. I only read or relax if I feel I have my work done. If Billy gets an extra hour, he plays video games. My mom is pretty similar. She is 74 years old and I have to tell her all the time that she is not being lazy if she wants to read or watch television during the day. She thinks she needs to work all day. I am curious if this is something in our genetic makeup, or a family culture trait, or true for a lot of women. I need to listen to that podcast! If you are interested here is the link.

Last night we watched the new Pixar movie Luca, and Billy and I loved it. Little man fell asleep, clutching his two little Luca Happy Meal toys. I could seriously watch it again – and we probably will since Wyatt didn’t get to finish it. It was like a buddy movie with little boys in it, which I don’t feel we see very much. They really explored the relationship between Luca and his friend Alberto, and I loved it. There were other themes as well, such as accepting people who are different, etc but I did love the friendship between Luca and Alberto. And Italy is beautiful even in cartoon form! I was excited about the timing of this movie, as our homeschool is finishing up oceans this month with mermaids, and we are beginning a month of Italy in July. We are planning on not only learning about Italy in our summer schooling, but Billy and I are going to make our month very Italian themed as well – movies, books, and of course, food. All that pasta! August will have to be a salad only month… We usually do lots of French themed things in July due to the Tour, but this year we are all about Italy. My mom and I are also learning Italian through the online program Mango, which is free through our library. I have always loved learning languages and have taken Latin ( 4 years in high school ), French in high school, and Russian in college. I seemed to be able to pick them up quickly when I was younger so we will see how I do as an older adult. I can’t say I remember much but the Latin background is helpful with Italian.

My little Luna is getting so big! Do you all remember how tiny she was when we got her? I still can’t get over her coloring, she is so pretty. All those baths we had to give her when she was a baby have made her so tame. She will just curl up in my hand and let me carry her around. Harry, the big lunker, will still race up my arm and hide in my hair on my shoulder. Geckos are so fun.

Anyway, I should wrap this up and get moving. I hope you all have a good day!


9 thoughts on “A good morning for coffee

  1. That thing about women feeling like they can only relax when their work is done? Yes, absolutely. This is me all the time. To a “t”.

    You’re so organized. I haven’t even picked out our full curriculum for next year yet. I will probably work on that this week. I have to hand in our paperwork to the school district this week but our printer decided to run out of ink again which is crazy because I just bought ink!

    I need my husband to get a job at a big printer. lol.

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    1. Yes right!? We need to be able to turn off and allow ourselves some time to relax. It’s summer – I am going to try to make it a goal to not feel I need to fill all my time working on something or other.

      Lol! I decided in April when the curriculum went on sale. I am still going with Blossom and Root with Math for a blah blah whatever that was. The pig math book but I think next year is a dog. Then I added in a fun looking history program from Waldock Way that is based on the Magic Tree House books. I’m sure I’ll post about it and email you too. Lolol. You’ve had other things! I didn’t need to do all that stuff for the state like you did. And I have one child I’m homeschooling not two!

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