For the Love of Bugs

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It’s that time of year again. The time of year where I post lots of photos of bugs and talk about bugs. I am not sure how our family became so buggy about bugs but we did. I will still scream and run in fear from a centipede though. They just are so big and have so many legs and move so fast – ugh just thinking about them gives me the chills. But other bugs for the most part (I guess not ticks or mosquitoes either!) are fascinating. I dream of seeing the synchronous fireflies every year – maybe next year! This year though I will content myself with seeing the insects that visit the garden and also the ones that live with us – our Ghost Mantis Poe, and our five (so far) Black Swallowtail caterpillars. And I guess our luna moth cocoon too.

So far no monarchs. But my milkweed is just beginning to bloom so hopefully soon! And man caterpillars eat so much, it literally really is like the Very Hungry Caterpillar up in here. And also, they make a mess of frass – that is caterpillar speak for their poo.

Poe got out the other day and we didn’t know it until our cat Maggie spotted her – and tried to kill her! We knew we were having a hard time finding her in the terrarium, but she blends in so well that it is easy to overlook her. Well, Maggie found her crawling around the office and I had to dive into action, having a bit of a freak out as I did so. I had two cats in there with me and I was a little nervous to grab Poe, but I did it! They are super low maintenance if you are thinking about adding a small critter to your home, FYI. Lol.

This love of insects has started to worm its way into our lives in other ways too, as our likes tend to do. I find myself looking at different home decor items that are insect themed, or at educational items and toys and books for Wyatt. (which is always good no matter the topic!) I am sharing a few favorites here – and believe me when I say I could have added so much more!

Grasshopper hat || Pollinator Box || Ladybug Stapler ||

Great Ladybug Art Print from Janet Hill Studios || Wooden Snail Carving

I have always loved grasshoppers and that hat is so adorable! I can totally see myself or even Billy wearing it around. And I just added a pollinator box to my pollinator garden. Mine only has spaces for Mason bees though so I need to get another one that allows for different insects. And as I use my office more and more, I am personalizing it bit by bit – and this ladybug stapler and wooden snail would be perfect in there. I can’t resist a snail! It would fit right in with the rest of the crew that actually live in there – a snail, caterpillars, two lizards, a mantis, and a cocoon, at current count. And I seriously love Janet Hill. Her style of artwork is amazing. I love the vintage feel, the beauty, the colors. She has series of paintings too, that all go together, like the Kidnapping of Edward Pink, or the Miss Mink or Miss Moon collections. She has cards, books, so much. Sigh. There is an element of playfulness that I adore in all of her work. I can’t speak highly enough of her art! She does occasionally sell the original art prints but they sell for quite a bit and also sell in minutes. I can content myself with the prints and cards and books for now.

Little Kids First Big Book of Bugs || Wooden Bug Stampers || An Extraordinary Ordinary Moth ||

Bug and Insect Floor Puzzle || The Backyard Bug Book for Kids || Butterfly Pavilion

I could literally go on and on about different books that would fit here. I decided to narrow my list down to three, three of my favorites. Except now that I say that I can think of like ten more favorites. Anyway, these are also three that Wyatt loves to read and flip through over and over, so we will go with his choices. I love Extraordinary Ordinary Moth for focusing on some creatures that maybe are overlooked – plus we saw a hummingbird moth in our garden the other day, and have our own luna moth cocoon. And the Butterfly Pavilion kit makes getting started raising caterpillars and butterflies a little easier, if you are interested in trying it out first. I still have our mesh habitat, plus another one I ordered, that I use now with our wild caught caterpillars from the garden. I am still learning how to raise them and it has been a fun journey, finding their host plants and checking on them daily. So the butterfly kit is a great introduction to the whole thing. The stampers and puzzle are just fun!

When I started this post it was storming here – now the weather has changed and I can hear our cardinal friend outside singing. I am planning on finishing up some things in the house and then heading out back to check for new caterpillars. Who knows what Wyatt and I will find out there, we just need to look closely!


6 thoughts on “For the Love of Bugs

    1. I am super excited about my butterfly project! We are upgrading an old tank that we curb-shopped because my caterpillars are outgrowing the small tank they are in. This one needs a new screen on top but other than that it is in good condition. So, practically free giant tank. I will probably do a big post on just the butterflies soon, since I could go on and on in this comment. Lol.

      And yes, I was so thankful I got her! Billy absolutely loves her – he would have been upset.


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