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This is such a busy busy time of year isn’t it? I feel like all the energy that is happening around us in the natural world is echoed in my own life. While bees and birds and all the little animals are busy with spring so are we. Working on the yard, school, getting back together with loved ones after a winter spent cozy at home.

Last night we planted our butterfly garden. We waited as long as we could for it to cool off but it was still sticky gross out while we were working. My face was about as red as a strawberry when we were finished. I have always always been that person who turns red from heat like immediately. It’s awesome. This morning I got up and made strawberry shortcake for breakfast – Billy and I really enjoyed it. Wyatt acted like I was giving him poison and refused to even take a bite though. Kids are crazy! I’m going to take some over to my mom in a little while – I don’t think she will act like it is poison, hopefully!

Read Last Week:

Truth or Beard by Penny Reid: This was pretty good! I picked it up since I had read Happy Trail last week and loved it, and this book is in the same universe, which is a cool concept. Penny Reid has created a world and other authors write books in that same world – it is neat. I have to say I did like Happy Trail more, but this one was still good. However, while Happy Trail was like PG-13 this one was a bit “racier”.

Reading This Week:

I am not sure – mermaids or witches?

Posted Last Week:

Chit Chat Coffee Time – where I talk about going to the garden center where I found lots of things for my butterfly garden

Etsy Artists – AAPI Edition


Jonathan Creek mostly. We are enjoying this sort of quirky duo who solve mysteries. Jonathan Creek is a pretty interesting character – he lives in a windmill and invents magic tricks for a famous magician. He and his partner in crime-solving, Maddie Magellan get caught up in some pretty complex situations.

And that is about it from my corner of Michigan. What is going on in your world?


44 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. I am chuckling a little about Wyatt’s reaction to the Strawberry Shortcake. I love switching up food groups, serving some things for dinner that I usually have for breakfast…and vice versa. Kids do have difficulty with these things.

    Enjoy your books and your week, and here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

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  2. I was surprised to see my grandson Wyatt turn away from ice cream yesterday! Go figure.

    I can’t wait to see your photos of your butterfly garden. We’ve been working on a butterfly garden at the park near us all this spring, and it is really beautiful now. We’ve planted some things that are supposed to attract pollinators and butterflies. We shall see.

    Mermaids or witches? Hmmm. Difficult choice. Either, I think. Or both!

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    1. Lol! It is so funny when they do that – I certainly didn’t expect it!

      I hope mine gets prettier! Lol. Right now everything is still so small! And we planted some milkweed and weird things – like dill, rue, lovage, pearly everlasting, fennel…anything that was a host plant. I also planted sunflowers, a butterfly bush, black-eyed Susans, forget me nots, and verbena. I am hoping that it turns out well.

      I am going to try for both! Lol.


  3. Strawberry shortcake for breakfast? Sounds delicious! Clearly, your son doesn’t know what is good for him! 😉 Hope all goes well with the butterfly garden. Mermaids or witches? What a choice. I think, I might go for mermaids. 🙂


  4. Sounds like a good week. Kids are weird. My kids will do that with great food too! It totally confuses me.

    You know I’m watching Jonathan Creek too. Liking it so far.

    Laughing about the racier book. Since we discussed that a bit and I need to tell you about my racier book that startled me this weekend! Lol. I’m reading along and bang … there it was .. happening. I was just like “oh… where did this come from??” Lol!!

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    1. I always joke about how Wyatt must not really be mine since he won’t eat grilled cheese or peanut butter, two things I lived on at his age. Lol. Kids are so funny.

      It’s pretty good!

      And lolol!!!! When it is unexpected it is always so startling! This book literally just jumped right into it within the first chapter which I definitely was not expect at all. Lol.

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  5. I haven’t had Strawberry Shortcake for so long. I wouldn’t have acted like you were giving me poison 🙂

    I’d love to have a butterfly garden! I think I’ll find out how to do one.

    I hope you have a great week!

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  6. Yummy strawberry shortcake! We are facing the issue of when to do outdoor stuff as it will be in the 90s this week so the afternoon is not a great time. When it starts to cool down will it be buggy? We aren’t getting up early, that’s not happening. lol I love the Winston Brothers and Knitting in the City which leads into it. I can’t believe May is almost over.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

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    1. I am so not good with heat! It wasn’t too bad here last night, not very buggy. It’s hard to decide when to do it!

      Oh I didn’t know there was even another series in this world! How cool!!! I am curious now, which brother is your favorite? I am only one book in so I am wondering which I will end up liking the best. My friend likes Cletus the best.

      I can’t believe it either!


  7. I just took out the springform pan of Broma Bakery’s Flourless Fallen Chocolate Cake; it’ll fall in the middle once it has cooled down. The husband is sweeping the house. The girls are hiding away in their rooms. Minnie is patroling. I have only made strawberry shortcake once. I will have to try it again.


  8. That’s a great point- nature is so busy right now, isn’t it? Your garden sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve been wanting to do some stuff outside but it’s been HOT. wow 🙂


  9. Kathy Martin

    Strawberry shortcake for breakfast sounds good. I’ll eat Wyatt’s share. I’d go with witches for a next book. I’ve read too many books with creepy mermaids. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  10. I’ll take Wyatt’s serving of strawberry shortcake! That looks delicious! I don’t have kids but I remember a little boy I was babysitting INSISTED I put an ice cube on top of his chicken pot pie to cool it down. lol

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  11. We had a day in the 90s yesterday and now it’s back down into the 50s. Unfortunately, in the 70s is where I’d like it to be!
    My husband is a big strawberry shortcake fan, but one daughter loves whipped cream and one hates it. I have to admit, I didn’t like whipped cream when I was a child, either, but in my defense, I think I had only ever had the fake stuff from a can!

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    1. That is my preferred temp too – I like the 60s and 70s. 🙂

      And whipped cream – I agree! When I was younger I was not a fan unless it was on pumpkin pie. If it was on hot chocolate that was gross. I like homemade and I also enjoy Cool Whip too these days so I must have changed my mind somewhere along the way. Lol.

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  12. I turn beet red in the heat too – which is a very bad thing since I live in Alabama! I love strawberry shortcake! They’re just starting to come in here and I want to go on a strawberry baking binge. Will would act like I was trying to feed him poison too – he doesn’t know what he’s missing!

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    1. Lol! I would just be constantly red. And wilted. I wilt in the heat. What is with kids? Lol they are so funny sometimes. They crack me up. I am hoping to get out and go strawberry picking soon, and make some strawberry jam – and I would like a cake with strawberries too, but I am terrible at making cake. Lol.


  13. Cheryl Malandrinos

    I love strawberry shortcake. Glad you got your butterfly garden done. I haven’t planted one before, but I keep thinking about it. I have such a brown thumb.

    The Kitchen Witch sounds cute. I go for witches over mermaids. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog last week.

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