Chit Chat Coffee Time

Today, I am impatient to get outside. The sun is shining, and I have a bunch of plants I bought last night after heading back at the garden center with my friends. I said over and over to them, that I wasn’t going to buy anything, and I really didn’t plan on it. But then, I did. Most of the cart is filled with little 99 cent herbs and veggies, like pumpkins and rue and lovage and sage, some for the garden for us to eat, and some for the butterflies. However as we wandered around chatting and exclaiming over all the plants, I found myself adding a few more.. some yarrow, some lupine, and then the plants with those cuplike leaves, brunnera. I think I am in love with those, they are so cool. We have empty space in our front garden and I think they are all going to go there, nestled in with the raspberry bushes.

I also bought the cutest teeny little prayer plant.

Reconnecting in person with some of my family has been wonderful for all of us, as all of us have been so isolated for a year, none of us had a bubble outside of the family that we lived with, and I think we are making up for lost time. My husband has been to my brother’s at least three times, Wyatt and his cousin have been together at least that many times as well. Watching them play together has been awesome, after all this time. I have visited my mom at least twice. (although I talk to her numerous times a day). My mom’s sciatic nerve has been giving her grief this week so that has been not fun, so I popped by the other day to drop off a new ice pack and to just visit with her for a bit. Then Thursday, I took Wyatt over for arts and crafts time with my niece, who spends the day with my mom while her parents are at work. The kids had fun decorating their geckos!

And, I think that is it for this morning. Those plants are calling my name and I can’t resist any longer!

Have a good day everyone!


8 thoughts on “Chit Chat Coffee Time

  1. I’m afraid to put in things outside yet. Too dicey for most. But today I WILL transplant my lettuce (read that as “thinning) — too many seeds on one super-sized pot and now I need to get them out to fully grow! Have a great weekend.

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  2. Hope you had a good time planting your bounty from the garden center. It is hard to be disciplined in May when those beautiful green plants are calling your name! Yay for family visits once again!

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