It is time for Anne In Residence’s monthly Currently post where we answer one word prompts about different things we are doing and feeling. I always love the insight I gain from these, taking inventory of my own life. This month we are looking at what we are consumingexploringgettinghoping, and seeing.

Consuming: We finally got with the program, a bit behind the trend, and got an Instant Pot. We have not used it much yet but I already know it is going to be helpful for dinners! Billy works late a lot, and it is always like last minute that I find out. The Instant Pot I think, will help us eat healthier more often. (If you have one and have a go-to recipe you love drop a link in the comments! I would love to hear what you all are enjoying) I am also hoping to make jam and yogurt in it!

Exploring: All of our favorite trails and hopefully some new ones soon! We are on the lookout for new places outdoors to explore this spring and summer.

Getting: Our garden in, bit by bit, slowly but surely. We have one no-dig bed set up, and I hope to get one more done before planting in two weeks. We are also getting ready for our camping trip next month, including a new tent. I guess my husband hopes to tent camp a lot over the summer…I am not so sure about that? I like a room that can’t blow away and a real bathroom but I can do it a few times for Wyatt and Billy. We also bought tickets to Jurassic Quest, a drive through dinosaur event that will be happening near us next month. I think it will be fun!

Hoping: Oh, for so many things. But I would be happy with more nights by the fire this summer, and coffee every morning.

Seeing: Our newly formed bubble! My brother, SIL, and niece, and my mom have “bubbled” together with us now that we all have vaccines. With Wyatt and his medical needs, we still have to stay pretty locked down but they have all agreed to do that with us. It has been a long time coming for us to have this experience, and it has been so nice to be with family again. We are also seeing signs of spring – the red-winged blackbirds singing in the cattails, the early flowers bursting with color from their beds where they nestled all winter, even a few bees circling the apple blossoms on our tree. It’s going to be an apple summer this year!

How about you? What have you been consuming, exploring, getting, hoping, and seeing?


17 thoughts on “Currently..May

  1. Glad for your new bubble. Was Wyatt vaccinated? I guess the vaccine hasn’t been approved for children yet, huh? Having the vaccine has given us a sense of relief and of a return to normalcy.

    When I was a little girl, my father loved to camp. We would stay a night or two in the camper and then have a night in a hotel where we could shower and sleep in a real bed. Worked well for us. Hope you guys enjoy camping together.

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    1. No, not yet. All of the adults in our circle have been vaccinated and none of us are doing anything unmasked at all with anyone else, and really just go to work and home. Both kids are being homeschooled right now as well, so we made the decision. It was really really hard for me! But both kids really needed some time with kids.

      That is my kind of camping!


  2. Yay for vaccines helping to spread the bubble a bit! We finally just had dinner with my parents tonight for the first time since H started back at school, and it was so nice. Hope you will enjoy the family time too. And I feel your pain on the dinner planning/cooking – I never quite know when my husband will get home either, so I like to have fast recipes so that we don’t have food sitting and waiting for his arrival (or super late dinners). It did take me a little while to learn that the instant pot takes a *bit* longer than you expect because even if a recipe says 8 minutes of cooking, it will take at least that long or more to pressurize before the cook time starts. But still overall speedy and easy – I probably don’t remember to use mine enough! Did just make again last night my favorite IP recipe though:

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  3. I love the instapot. the other day I made london broil in it. I usually cook london broil wrong and make it tough but in the instapot it made it tender like pot roast. I also like grabbing my favorite barbecue sauce, some chicken breast and tossing it all in to make shredded chicken. I’ve never tried a sweet recipe or dessert in it, but maybe someday.

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  4. That Indian curry I had made in our IP is 100% hella good. It’s the Instant Pot Beef Curry (Indian) by One Pot Recipes. I never knew I could made curry sauce from scratch. It makes our house smell so darn good too.
    Consuming: Protein and veggies; we tried this vegan burger place today and it was good. My “burger meat” had the right appearance and texture.
    Exploring: Na-Da. I’m a homebody.
    Getting: I’d say I’m slowly getting used to brush lettering now that I’m trying to connect letters for my bujo.
    Hoping: I hope to sew a linen dress before the GNO.
    Seeing: The cute teenagers of the tennis team again and the courts.

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  6. Carolyn

    I am STILL trying to get on the Instant Pot train! Costco always has good promos on them pre-holiday…so I think I’ll hold off til then. My brother loves his, and the last few times I’ve visited we used it a ton. So I’m convinced!! Enjoy springtime, Erin!!


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