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This past week was pretty non-eventful, like most of our weeks these days. I do see more adventures in our future as the weather warms up though, and I am looking forward to them! Billy got his second vaccine yesterday, and I get mine tomorrow. Between that and setting up my new shelf unit in the office as the highlights of my week, we are pretty exciting around here. I’m looking forward to getting all my art on the walls now! Also, notice the small terrarium tank on the bottom row – Billy treated himself to a new creature. A ghost mantis. It is en route to us, and Billy is super excited. I joked with my dad the other day that maybe by the time everything is back to normal I can line up a new job – I can take all of our creatures to schools for small assemblies.

Read Last Week:

I’ve been soaking up the goodness that is this book. I just love it so much.

Reading Next Week:

I started Skymeadow and while it is really good and entertaining, I think I need a little break from nonfiction. I will probably continue to read it over the next few weeks. In the meantime I will finish up Watership Down and then start The Nature of Witches.

Posted Last Week:

Chit Chat Coffee Time


Day Out in Detroit

A Pretty Perfect Day


We watched The Pembrokeshire Murders on Britbox this week, and it was excellent! We also watched a few episodes of Father Brown. We have already watched them a few times but I guess I really love Father Brown. Wyatt is watching Wild Kratts, Peppa Pig, Sesame Street, and Molly of Denali these days.

How about you all? What is going on in your corner of the world?


45 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

    1. Thanks Laurel-Rain! We are in the home stretch now! Just need to frame and hang some photos, hang a few shelves, and get a plant stand, and I am calling it done! Then we move on to the bedroom. Lol.

      And thank you! We are both fully vaccinated now! Just have to wait our two weeks.


  1. Victoria Hamel

    How fun would be to visit elementary schools and share your animals! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on The Nature of Witches. Glad Wyatt isn’t a Caillou watcher. Boy, I did not like that show when my kids were little!

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    1. I was kind of half-joking, because I think I would actually really like to do that! I used to work in an elementary library and I miss being in that environment. Being able to do small assemblies might be fun!

      Yeah, Caillou. He went through a time where he did watch it but thankfully it was short lived. LOL


  2. I couldn’t get into Watership Down when I tried to read it in my youth, but perhaps I should give it another try; everyone else seems to love it so.

    I looked up your ghost mantis. What an interesting insect! I find the ones that camouflage themselves as leaves so interesting — though I’m not a bug enthusiast for the most part, except for bees, ladybugs, butterflies and moths. (Not clothes moths, though. No knitter or spinner likes a creature that will happily munch its way through our fiber!)

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    1. I absolutely love it! It’s interesting to reread and see what I get from it as I read it at different ages, different life situations . I could see it being a tough read as a kid, but I am all for encouraging people to try again! 🙂

      It is so crazy isn’t it? I am sort of nervous about it too – I am not a bug person. I like our lizards but bugs are sort of icky. I was kind of grossed out by the butterflies we had last year so..this is next level. I like to watch them outside though. I told my husband he is in charge of the care of this one but I get to name it. And yeah, I can see how you would not want any clothes moths around!


  3. What a happy feeling to get (or be about to get) your second vaccine.

    I can’t wait to see your new creature. That one is completely new-to-me. I think the idea of traveling from place to place with your creatures is a great idea for a job. I had so many creatures in my school library that people called it a Zoobrary.

    I’m a huge fan of Watership down, too.

    We are planning to subscribe to Britbox soon. I’m subscribing just so that I can watch the last movie in the series, 63 Up. We bought movie tickets to see it last year, but the theater closed down before we went because of the pandemic.

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    1. And my shot is done! Not going to lie, I was definitely tired yesterday. And I had the chills overnight the night of the shot. But I feel much better today.

      The ghost mantis arrives today! I told Billy he is in charge of its care, but I get to name it since it is in my office. Lol. And that sounds like a library I would have absolutely loved as a kid – and now!

      We love our Britbox! We probably watch it more than any of our other streaming services!


  4. I thought The Pembrokeshire Murders was really well done, they resisted the temptation to sensationalise. Only a few years after bodies were found on the path, my husband and I did a walking holiday in that area. We were walking along and then suddenly he remembered that we were where the bodies had been found. We upped our pace just in case,,,,,

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    1. It really was excellent. And yes, they did not sensationalize it which was well done. It was just a very quiet movie. I didn’t know much about any of the murders before we started watching it, so I had to do a little reading to fill in some gaps. That detective and his team – how amazingly smart they are to put all that together and get justice for those families.

      And yeah, I could see how that would make you pick up your pace!!


  5. It has been getting warmer! And Watership down- whenever you talk about it I always think “I should read that.” One of these days I’m going to ha ha!

    Oh my gosh I remember Peppa Pig :):)

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  6. I really need to read Watership Down. It is one of my husband’s favorite books but I’ve never read it. Yay for a noneventful week and for being fully vaccinated! We are on our way to that and I can’t wait. Have a great week!

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  7. Rachel @Waves of Fiction

    Great to hear you’re on the way to being fully vaccinated! The hubby and I got our vaccinations in January since I’m a health care worker I got it early on.

    Skymeadow is such a pretty cover. Hope you enjoy it. Happy reading and thanks for visiting my Sunday Post! 🙂

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  8. Yay for second vaccines! I have about a week and a half before my second one. I hope your have no/minimal side effects!

    I should re-read Watership Down. So many people love it but I only remember one scene that really bothered me (as it was supposed to).

    The cover of The Nature of Witches is striking.

    Enjoy your week!

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    1. So – both vaccines down! It wasn’t too bad. About 12 hours after my shot, at 11 at night, I had the chills and body aches and the persisted all night. I was feeling better by morning, just tired since I slept poorly. 🙂

      Yeah, some of Watership Down is difficult! It is so good though.

      And yes, I love it too!


  9. Kathy Martin

    I’m also looking forward to getting out a bit more now that I’m fully vaccinated. Nice looing office but I can do without the critters. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  10. Is the Pembrokeshire Murders the one with Luke Evans? If so, I watched it about a month ago and thought it was excellent. British TV has become my comfort lately and I am definitely getting my money out of my Acorn and BritBox subscriptions!

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  11. Literary Feline

    I know the students would love to see your critters. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying The Nature of Witches. I really want to read that one as well. Would you believe I have never read Watership Down? I hope you have a great week!

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