Chit Chat Coffee Time

Good morning!

This week felt so long for some reason! By Wednesday I felt like it should be Friday and it is not like anything went wrong or crazy or anything, it just crawled along to the weekend.

Tuesday we met Wyatt’s new physical therapist. We were so sad to say goodbye to Stacy, who had been part of Wyatt’s team since he was a year old. I was nervous about meeting a new therapist, honestly. We had previously had a poor experience, before Stacy, at a different facility. Wyatt and I would leave in tears every week, they just didn’t “get” him there and didn’t believe in him. I heard things like “Well this might be all Wyatt is capable of” from them all the time, which for a child under a year old I felt was really short-sighted, considering their entire job was to encourage him to do more, to teach us how to help him, to help him themselves. I wasn’t accepting this – I wasn’t giving up on him before we had even tried or gotten started! I switched therapy centers and the experience was night and day. Every single person at his facility now has all of Wyatt’s best interests at heart, always. They genuinely like him. They advocate for him, believe in him, and have done so much for all of us honestly. They changed our lives. So it was so hard to meet someone new. And – we love her. She immediately made us both feel at ease, and had Wyatt giggling within minutes. I feel so relieved. And while we will miss Stacy, Hannah is going to be a wonderful new therapist for Wyatt. I can tell.

Billy gets his second vaccine today! Living in Michigan is a little nerve-wracking right now, which if you watch the news you can see we are exploding with the virus. Our entire state is red on the map and listed as extreme high risk. My county is averaging about 900 new cases a day right now alone. So, the small steps we were taking to go to stores, etc has been put on pause for us. We are still seeing my brother and his family and my mom in outdoor situations, because they are locked down as much as we are, but no more indoor anythings for us for a bit, unless it is needed. (therapy, work, and crickets for the lizards basically – I can’t get them curbside) And then I get my second vaccine on Monday. We have basically zero plans for the next four days – we figured we would take it day by day. Everyone we know has had very mild side effects after the second shot, if any, so fingers crossed and all the prayers we follow suit. But we plan on just laying low and probably just hang out around the house.

We watched The Pembrokeshire Murders on Britbox this week and it was amazing. We thought it was so well done! The actors were superb, we were riveted to the story, and neither of us even glanced at our phones during the watching. (which we are both guilty of usually..) If you have Britbox I highly recommend it!

Speaking of television, which streaming services do you all watch? I feel like Billy and I switch them up all the time, but we always keep Britbox and Netflix. Although we honestly watch Netflix the least. We have had Hulu, Disney, Acorn, off and on. Currently we have Netflix, Britbox, and Discovery+ and I have been binging lots of TLC shows like Sister Wives and HGTV shows like Beachfront Bargain Hunt and the lake house version too. We don’t have cable and we stream everything, so it was nice to be able to watch these shows again. I was hesitant about keeping this service at first but now, we are keeping it, at least for a bit. I guess I should add we have Amazon Prime but we would have that anyway.

Little Luna is doing well! She seems to be recovering from her problems, and is eating and active and even growing, which is great news. If you look under her belly in this photo it still looks dark, which usually means an issue. We have decided since she is doing all of the things that she needs to and it is has been three weeks since we got her, that she might just have translucent skin there, more so than Harry. So, good but also, yuck? We also have decided that she is a mack snow morph leopard gecko. There are a billion different morphs, like pokemon. (but we are NOT going to try get them all, despite appearances otherwise lol)

And.. I hear my kiddo getting into something that I should probably go check on. I will stop here this morning – I hope you all have a wonderful day!


11 thoughts on “Chit Chat Coffee Time

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  2. So sorry you had to say goodbye to Stacy but so thankful for HANNAH!! I feel the same way when my mom loses someone from her ‘team’ of therapists. Sally was her speech therapist but more like a friend or daughter than just a therapist. She had to quit to handle the online schooling for her tween-aged son during Covid. We have all missed her so. The only replacement the therapy group offered was a gal who sits on her tablet and does nothing to help my mom. No thank you. What music to your ears to hear Wyatt giggling a few minutes after meeting Hannah. Hallelujah.
    Glad Billy got his vaccine. And Luna is doing better. Good news all around!!

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    1. Yes, thank goodness! It was such a relief to have someone that we both immediately clicked with. And I am sorry to hear that about your mom’s therapist, that the replacement was not a great replacement. 😦 It is so hard when you finally feel happy with all of the “team” and then one leaves. Wyatt’s eye doctor just retired too, and I am super bummed about it. 😦 And Billy and I are now both fully vaccinated!


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