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Last week was full of construction in the office, early mornings, sunny days, and finishing up our snow unit. I have to say, I am over snow right now. I am excited to move on to our March studies! Wyatt’s birthday is Tuesday – it kind of blows my mind that he will be six.

Read Last Week:

I finished up A Solitude of Wolverines and I have to say, I was glued to the pages I was so enthralled. I loved it! It was exciting and unpredictable and I loved the main character! The action and mystery start within the first few pages and it just stays riveting throughout. I am also halfway through A Stranger in Town, which I am loving as well.

Reading This Week:

I am finishing up A Stranger in Town, then I plan to start Mission in Paris 1990, which I received for review.

Posted Last Week:

Book Tag: All Creatures Great and Small – this was such a fun post to do!

Chit Chat Coffee Time Post – Just a little bit of what has been happening around here


We started Discovery of Witches, season 2 and we are hooked. Like we can’t wait to start watching it at night. We even skipped our regular Friday night movie last night to watch it instead. We have also been watching some shows on Discovery +; I signed up for the free trial and we are debating whether or not we want to keep it. So far, we are enjoying it but I don’t think we will be committing. Wyatt is still watching his favorites, Gumboot Kids, Wild Kratts, Sesame Street, Molly of Denali. We had to buy him a Count t-shirt the other day, he just loves the Count! He very rarely asks for anything at all, but he asked for that so we had to do it.

And that is about it from our corner of Michigan! How are you all doing? Stay safe my friends!


15 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. I am over snow too, as you know. We will have rain all day today and we are hoping it will wash a lot of snow away. The temperature is going to drop fast tomorrow and Tuesday, however, so we will be struggling with some ice probably.

    Sounds like you are reading some good books! I will have to check them out.

    Happy early birthday to Wyatt. Six is going to be awesome!

    P.S. The cats haven’t eaten the plant you sent me yet and I also haven’t killed it. It’s a mini miracle. I’ve had to keep it up on top of the fridge to keep it away from them.

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  2. Happy birthday to Wyatt! I hope it’s a very special fun one! We had snow on the ground for a couple of days and I’m pretty much good for the rest of the decade. I’m not a snow fan – or a cold weather fan. Hope you have a great week!


  3. I didn’t love the first season of Discovery of Witches because it was so different from the book but I do want to watch season 2. I just have to wait until it’s available on DVD because I’m not paying for another streaming service just to watch it. See what I read at Girl Who Reads


  4. Happy birthday to Wyatt! It’s odd because time can feel so slow, but it also can feel so fast.

    Glad to see how much you enjoyed Solitude of Wolverines. I hope you also enjoy Mission in Paris.

    I must take a look at the book tag for All Creatures Great and Small. We’ve now watched all seven seasons of the old series, all seven episodes of the new series, and I’m deep into book three.


  5. Happy early birthday to Wyatt. I hope he has a great one.

    I’m over snow too. We had a lot of it a few weeks ago and, though I’m fascinated by extreme weather, I didn’t like not being able to go out. I’m so glad the weather is better now.

    Happy reading and have a good week.


  6. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

    I have to check out Discovery of Witches on TV. I have read a part of the series as a book and I remember liking it. Glad you are liking it too!


  7. I wish I could watch that show. I may have to buy an episode from Prime so I can check it out. I read all of that series’ books. Borders everywhere were closing down and I had gone to one in SF and spotted The Discovery of Witches cover and found it eyecatching so I bought it and got hooked on the series. I didn’t finish her newest book about his son though. May give it another whirl whenever.


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