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It’s been a week y’all. I am blaming the full moon – I just feel like everything was sort of crazy and I was all off my routine. Billy has been working hard on the office, and he said it should be move in ready this weekend! Yay! It has been so long since we have done any major house projects that I had forgotten how they take over everything. The rest of the house is a mess, with everything displaced or random bits of wood or painting equipment and whatnot strewn throughout. Our house is small so space is a premium around here, and when we have a whole room out of commission it gets nuts.

This was me working at the table last night: Dash in a temporary tank shoved on there, crumbs, masks, various homeschool papers and plans piled around me. I did like looking up and seeing Dash right there though, that was neat.

I’m not the only one who enjoys seeing Dash so close. Dash being out here has all of a sudden become an issue for Maggie, one of our cats. She is a clever little thing – I think most tuxedo cats are honestly. The other two watch Dash, but Maggie figured out yesterday how to push open the tank lid! I just happened to be there so I could get it shut before she got in or Dash got out! He has a safer tank sitting right next to it, but he is so quick and little that Billy and I both need to transfer him in case he leaps all over the place and gets away. It’s not the ideal setup for Dash, with lighting or tank size or anything, so I will be relieved when he is in his permanent setup in the office. I ended up moving him into Wyatt’s bedroom last night – I didn’t want Maggie to break into his house while we were sleeping!

Wyatt also has been getting up way early! Like 6:15 Thursday, then 5 am Friday, although he did go back to sleep thankfully. Thursday though he was full of energy – full moon energy I decided, since it was a full moon or close enough! He also wanted to play a game at 8:30 am, and I played despite needing all the coffee. He is usually playful and full of energy, but more so these past few days. Spring fever, maybe? I know I have spring fever!

The sun has been shining brightly the past few days, the days are a bit warmer, the snow is practically gone, and I am ready for spring. I realize this is premature as we still have March to get through, but I can’t help but dream of gardens and warmer days outside. I am getting ready to start our seeds in a week or two, and then yesterday I took our flannel sheets off and instead of replacing them with another set of flannel, I put on jersey sheets. I also took off our dark plaid flannel duvet cover, and switched it with our blue striped ticking cover. Wyatt and I wiped down the walls (well really me but he wanted to help so he sat on the bed and did what he could reach), we threw open the window for 15 minutes (it was still 39 degrees), and I gave the room a good spring cleaning.

Then this morning we went for an early morning drive, and when we neared the lake, I had Billy stop so I could get out for a minute. The morning was mild, just a bit of winter bite left in the air, and I heard the trilling of red-winged blackbirds, a sign of spring around here. The ice was still thick near the shore, but there was much less further out.

How about you? Any signs of spring yet where you are?


7 thoughts on “Chit Chat Coffee Time Post

  1. Great photos! I love seeing the everyday evidence of house projects. I also enjoyed catching a glimpse of your china cupboard. I miss having the ones that were in my last place!

    Enjoy the bits of spring. Here I can see leaves springing up on the rosebushes that will hopefully bloom when it is finally warmer.

    Enjoy your week!

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    1. The two shelves that are visible hold my Grandma’s tea service that she brought from Scotland! I always want to use but never do. I really should. And then the lower shelves are my mom’s wedding china, which I do use for fun sometimes. I love it, is a daisy wreath pattern. Makes me feel springy!

      That is a great sign of spring!

      Thanks Laurel-Rain, you too!


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