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Last week was busy! We finished up our Arctic month of learning, worked on a few rooms of our house and sprucing them up, and then celebrated the full wolf moon with the Kids Moon Club. I also visited the cutest little houseplant store and picked up a pinstripe calathea for myself and then noticed they had a mini monstera which my sister-in-law has been looking for so I grabbed that one up too. I have two plants on order and I think I am good for now – until my office is done I am out of room for more! We are in the final stages of getting it done and I am so excited!

Read Last Week:

Last week by the time I got a chance to read I was falling asleep after ten minutes so I didn’t get too far, so I am still reading the same books! I am almost done though, so close!

Posted Last Week:

Homeschool: The Arctic Weeks 3 & 4

Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Brief Thoughts on Recent Reads

Watching and Listening:

We are still watching All Creatures Great and Small, I love it to pieces. We are also watching Secrets of the Castle on Amazon Prime as we have found we really like these historical shows about life in different eras. This one has the same people that are on Wartime Farm, Edwardian Farm, and Victorian Farm so that is a bonus. We are also watching The Hardy Boys and are finishing up The Queen’s Gambit which is amazing. Anya Taylor-Joy is gorgeous and does such a fantastic job. For our movie night last night we watched The Dig with Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes, and Billy and I absolutely loved it. I was pretty emotional yesterday for a bunch of reasons and that movie actually made me a bit teary in different parts. It was excellent.

As for podcasts, I am still listening to a bunch of true crime – Morbid and Redhanded mostly. I am also still listening to Ologies and Lore as well. Speaking of Lore.. my favorite little fox Lore from the Juniper Fox lady died Thursday night from surgery complications. I woke up to that news on Friday and it made me teary as well. He was such a cute little werewolf fox and had come such a long way!

So that is my news from around here. Stay safe and well everyone, and have a good week!


30 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Both your books look interesting! I have read the Christie story, but not the one about geese. Too bad you keep falling asleep 😉 but trust me, I know the feeling. Some days I’ve managed to fall asleep with my head more or less on the Kindle and the light still on. Glad you are still enjoying All Creatures Great and Small. I intend to read the books first and then watch the show.

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  2. That plant store looks super cute! Enjoy getting your room ready for them.

    I also loved The Queen’s Gambit, and noticed The Dig in my Amazon Prime queue. Now I must try it! Last night I watched a movie on Prime with Kevin Costner and Diane Lane…Let Him Go. It was so good…but also sad.

    Enjoy your week!

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    1. Oh my gosh it was so cute!! I have been pushing myself to go into stores more; Wyatt’s brilliant doctor that we love told me to just wear a mask and get on with things, and I do trust her. I mean she doesn’t want us going nuts but here and there is ok. I was glad this was one of my picks for the weekend!! Billy and I took turns going in, I wasn’t ready to take Wyatt in anywhere though. 🙂

      The Dig was excellent!!! I will have to look that Costner film up.

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    1. Oh my gosh it was so adorable!! I loved going in there! I push myself to do one store a week and that was the winner this week. It was a great choice. 🙂 And I am enjoying them – if only I wasn’t so tired at night. This week is less busy, so hopefully I can read more.


  3. I would love to go to a house plant boutique. I’d even love to go to a plant nursery. But the people in my area are too casual with masking/social distancing for me to even be around them outdoors.

    You have reminded me to look for Wintering. Hopefully I will do that soon. Before winter is over.

    I am so eager to watch the new All Creatures. But we are only in Season 4 of the old series. After we finish 4, 5, 6, and 7…

    I hope you will have a great week!

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    1. Oh gosh!! That is awful. I can’t speak for all of Michigan, but my county is really good about masking up. I also try to go places first thing when they open. I am trying to push myself to go to a store once a week – I don’t take Wyatt but I am trying to be less afraid. 🙂

      Lol!! There is so much goodness ahead for you with that series. 🙂


  4. Kathy Martin

    You make me long for a houseplant. Winters seem to demand a bit of green in our world of white. Unfortunately, my house is the place houseplants come to die. I don’t have a green thumb. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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    1. Oh my gosh I do not have a good history with houseplants! I am doing ok right now though, thankfully. I did buy a moisture meter and that helps a lot! Some are easier to care for than others too – I guess snake plants are easy. And I have one called a mother-in-laws tongue that lived at the office almost all last year, neglected since I wasn’t able to go in to work, that survived! That is a hardy plant! I brought it home last month. I would recommend that one to anyone! 🙂 The green makes me so happy with all the stark white outdoors. 🙂


  5. My daughter watches a lot of stuff and she loves those Farm ones. We only have the two orchids my daughter saved from death (someone gave to her) and an aloe vera plant we bought. I would love to have an African violet; my grandma used to have lots of them.

    A busy week is a good week. Enjoy your updated office.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

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    1. Yay!! Someone else who has watched them! I love them lol.

      I love violets, for the same reason. 🙂 My grandma had them sprinkled all over the house- and I live in her house now. It just seems like I need them in her memory. Unfortunately, I killed the one I did have. I am going to try again!

      Thanks Anne!


  6. I recently finished a novel about Agatha Christie and I’ve decided that I need to actually read Agatha Christie! I’m going to start with her first novel on Serial once I finish Middlemarch, which (thank you Lord!) will be this month…finally!

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