It is not just a new month, it is a new year! Here we go, 2021! It is time for Anne In Residence’s monthly Currently post where we answer one word prompts about different things we are doing and feeling. I always love the insight I gain from these, taking inventory of my own life.

First up – Beginning: Ugh so much! I am one one of those people who like a firecracker starts the new year off with a bang, off and running. I start out strong every year, and last year I was doing great but then we all know what happened. Lol. We are starting the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge, and also the Kids Moon Club again. I am also starting to plan our garden for the spring, and I am starting my “houseplant journey” as well, adding plants around my house, and I am loving it. I even bought a moisture meter, so I am feeling pretty committed. We also have a list of house projects we want to accomplish, wish us luck!

Feeling: Recommitted to our goals and values as a family. Hopeful. Slightly introspective. Inspired.

Organizing: Books, so many books. I just bought a new bookcase with a bench for Wyatt’s room, and happily spent time going through his books and organizing them all. I am also trying to organize our homeschooling supplies a little better.

Resolving: To be more patient. I am not the most patient person in the world, and I am working on that this year. I have infinite patience with children and animals, but in other areas of my life, not so much. And in fact, we always play a little game on New Years Day where we draw an animal and adjective from a hat and that is our word and animal for the year – this year I got patient bobcat. Not sure what that all means, but I can definitely work on patience. Wyatt and Billy got similar adjectives and the same animal – and they already embody them. Fearless Bear (Billy) and Courageous Bear (Wyatt). I am also resolving to try more new recipes this year. Last night I made foccacia bread and a Smoky bacon potato corn chowder, and they were amazing so I am off to a good start!

Wondering: Probably the same as everyone. Aside from the big wonder, I was also wondering the other day if we were ever going to have a non-cloudy night for skywatching events this year. Lol. Maybe this is our year!


26 thoughts on “Currently…January

  1. That new bookcase sounds great! I would love to have the space to add more shelving…but perhaps I can find a unique way to “house” my expanding book purchases.

    LOVE the sound of the Smoky Bacon Potato Corn Chowder!

    Enjoy each day in the New Year.

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    1. It’s always a challenge!! We have a small house, less than 1000 sq feet so we have to be creative as well!

      Omg that soup was so good – but decadent in a caloric way… lol. We agreed we can have it like once a winter.

      Thanks Laurel-Rain…yesterday was a crazy day wasn’t it?


  2. I set a goal to weed through my children’s books. Wish I could hand them to you. So many easy-to-read nonfiction books that I think Wyatt would love.

    We are going to need a post about your smoky potato soup. Yes, please!! I am soup eater and my crock pot is my BFF. Would love this recipe.

    Good luck on the houseplants. I have a few that I haven’t killed. And trying hard to keep from killing my mom’s orchid but it is looking poorly. Brought it home on a plane a year ago and have kept it going to this point but just barely. Makes me sad that it isn’t thriving.


    1. Aww you are sweet! What a nice thought. 🙂 I need to go through my own books… I boxed them all up last year so I could make space in my office but I need to actually let them go. Not all of them, but definitely 80%.

      That soup was fantastic!! We decided though that it is a once a year kind of soup, after spending the day hiking or something. We felt like slugs after eating it. Lol. But, it really was excellent.

      House plants are challenging! I am trying to go slow so I don’t overwhelm myself. LOL. Mine are doing ok with the exception of my Persian Shield. My cats helped me kill that though, by eating most of it. 😦


  3. I’m admittedly an organizing nerd, but organizing books on a new bookshelf is really the ultimate 🙂

    LOVE this tradition of pulling a word/animal out of a hat. Courageous Bear is such a wonderful descriptor for your cutie for the year. And Patient Bobcat maybe means working on your patience but also being fierce in pursuing your family’s goals and values?

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    1. It really was!!! Lol. I was so excited waiting for it to get here. So much that when it arrived I dragged it in by myself. I couldn’t put it together though and waited anxiously for my husband to get home.

      It is so fun!! Last year we did it with my whole family so this year we did a version virtually. It is just a fun thing and we laugh at some of the animals people get (my mom got porcupine this year and it was worth a giggle). And I love that interpretation of bobcat – I was trying to decide what that could mean for me.


  4. I also love starting lots of things in the new year. Let’s hope we can keep them up! That Kids Moon Club sounds so interesting. My bubba’s too young just yet, but he can say ‘moon’ so maybe it will be something for the future!

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