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Last week was a pretty slow week around here. We homeschooled, I shopped online for Christmas gifts, and that is about it. Today we are going for a wintery hike and I am looking forward to getting outside and stretching my legs.

Read Last Week:

If you read here pretty regularly, you know that I love anything with foxes! This book didn’t disappoint either, I loved it! It was the perfect book for a slow and cozy week. Review this week.

Reading This Week:

I’m so excited to start both of these! Although, I bought Dark Salt Clear and am super bummed that I somehow got this version with this cover lol – I like the other cover better! I think I might order the other one after Christmas. Anyone else ever done that?

Posted Last Week:

Homeschool: Scotland!


Goodbye November, Hello December


Sherlock, although we only have two episodes left!! Nooo! Death in Paradise, Agatha Raisin, The Queen’s Gambit, and season 2 of Virgin River. We don’t usually watch this many shows at once – we generally pick two but we have been hopping around. And we are about to start watching Christmas movies of course! I can’t wait to watch Emmett Otter and Muppet Christmas Carol again this year as a family – those are two family favorites. Wyatt has been watching Wild Kratts and Sesame Street mostly these days. I have to admit I love the Wild Kratts too.

And that is really it from my little corner of Michigan – stay safe and well everyone, and enjoy the season.


23 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post!

  1. A wintery hike sounds lovely. Would you walk through snow? I wonder if you have special waterproof shoes for that.

    Welcome to Fox Crossing Maine looks like a great story. Several of my favorite picture boxes feature foxes including One Fox: A Counting Book Thriller.

    We decided to watch a Christmas movie every night in December. So far we’ve seen some of our favorites including It’s a Wonderful Life and The Holiday and A Christmas Carol.

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    1. We LOVE to hike in the snow – it is our favorite. There is a different sort of quiet in the woods when it is snows. 🙂 And I have a few different pairs of boots, depending on what it is like during the winter. 🙂

      I really enjoyed Fox Crossing! It was cute, and outdoorsy with hiking and also had quirky characters – all in all, I really liked it.

      Wow that is a great idea!!!


  2. Honestly I’m not that fussed when it comes to covers, once they are on the shelf only the spine is visible anyway 🙂
    I’m rewatching Alias right now, but I need to find something for my husband and I to watch since we just finished watching the last season of Agents of Shield. He is not the Christmas movie type though,

    Wishing you a great reading week

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  3. Got a kick out of your comment about the book cover. I carried around Anne of Green Gables for an entire year because I loved the cover art. Ha! Never read it. But we do tend to judge books – at least first impressions – by their cover art. I can see why you were disappointed. Hope the book will be terrific, though.

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    1. Lol I really try not to! I just really prefer that one cover. LOL. I am glad you get it too. 🙂 I have definitely wavered between copies of books before, choosing the cover I liked best. Especially the classics now, where they are all being redistributed with different covers!

      When I worked in the school library, I once covered like 100 books in paper bags, so you couldn’t see what the book was to illustrate to kids they shouldn’t choose a book by its cover.. but hey sometimes you just do. 🙂


  4. Kathy Martin

    I haven’t necessarily purchased a book because it had a certain cover. I have purchased re-releases by favorite authors which sometimes have new covers in order to support the authors I enjoy. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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    1. I’m pretty sure I have picked books because of covers – like the Fox Crossing one actually! I am definitely drawn to a cover. I knew I wanted to read that book, Dark Salt Clear, and I really liked the one cover although I accidentally ordered the other version. Oh well I guess. LOL.


  5. I haven’t done that with covers, although I get most books from the library so if I did actually spend money on a book I would be disappointed if it didn’t have the cover I wanted! We watched Muppet Christmas Carol recently too, and just watched Jingle Jangle over the weekend and it was so fun!

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    1. I think that is the reason why, honestly. I check out most of my books from the library, and will very rarely purchase a book. So I think that is why this one got to me a little. LOL. Everyone is saying Jingle Jangle is good, I need to watch it!


  6. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

    I am glad that you are safe in Michigan. It is kinda slow week here too but it is expected to get busier with the NYE coming around. Have a great week ahead.

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