Homeschool: Scotland Study!

So, I just realized that I never posted about our second Heritage study, Scotland! We did our first, Hawaii, back in the summer and then Scotland right around Thanksgiving. I didn’t do much in the way of Thanksgiving content, I chose to focus on the immigrant aspect of the holiday, which led me to our own immigrant roots.

I have always loved stories about different countries and places – something that has never waned even as I have grown older. I often choose to read books based on setting, and will read and read until I decide I have gleaned everything I can about a place from books. I guess I cure some of my wanderlust through these words. Anyway, I have always loved learning about different places and cultures and I want my son (and niece) to have this love of place as well. I realize that geography is not the most exciting thing for kids, especially five year olds to learn, so when I was planning this study, I wanted to stick to more fun, kid friendly topics, like the wildlife and animals, and some of the folklore, music, food as well.

That being said, we spent the first week on some of the wildlife and farm animals of Scotland – Shetland ponies, sheep, highland cattle (a particular favorite of mine, check out the hashtag #coosday on Instagram if you love them as well, you’ll thank me), and puffins, which were Wyatt’s favorite. He loved that little puppet! I wanted to spend some time on those wild Scottish cats but I just ran out of time for it all! We also talked about kilts, of course, as every resource I found has people wearing them.

The next week we went a little crazy – it was a holiday week after all, so I just let us have some fun, and we studied unicorns and dragons and the Loch Ness Monster. Because, why not? Lol. They are little, lots of time to grow up and learn other things.

Wyatt even had a guest reader! My mom read him Nessie – and I love how my mom and Wyatt are sitting in the same pose. We read Zog by Julia Donaldson (our inspiration for dragons… I love all of her books so much), watched the movie Zog on Amazon, read books, made art. It was just a fun week, and we loved it.

Resource Round Up!

Dragon Types – Green Urban Creative

Scotland Complete Study – Starlight Treasures

Scottish Symbols Anatomy Pack – Fiddlesticks Ed

Highland Wildlife Nature Pack – Fiddlesticks Ed

Puffin Bag Puppet


(contains Amazon Affiliate Links)

Harris the Hero || Hairy Hettie || Nessie || Isla and Pickle The Highland Show || Zog

Extras and Art:

Highland Cow


I also watched How to Train Your Dragon but Wyatt fell asleep…

And that was it! I apologize, I am about to have two homeschool posts this week but I wanted to catch up!


9 thoughts on “Homeschool: Scotland Study!

  1. I always enjoy your homeschool posts. You do such wonderful things with Wyatt. I haven’t seen any of the books you shared so want to check them out and possibly get one or two for my grands as we are of Scottish ancestry, too!!

    When I was still working, the district’s gifted and talented students were asked to research enigmas. And the Loch Ness monster was one of the subjects in that category. I had to give my nonfiction collection a boost in that area to accommodate their research. And when I did, all of the kids began checking out those books.

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    1. Aw thank you!! And it’s always cool when you can suggest books to a librarian! šŸ™‚ Julia Donaldson is one of our family favorites here, love all of her stuff. Of the others, Wyatt loved Harris the Hero and my niece liked Isla and Pickle. šŸ™‚ They both really liked Nessie. I loved Hairy Hettie. LOL.

      What a cool project for those students!


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