Currently.. is a monthly prompt hosted by Anne in Residence.

I am writing this a day early, on election day so I have lots of feels going on right now! My kiddo is napping and I am drinking my millionth cup of coffee, tucked under a blanket, listening to a podcast while I type. I had a tough time with the prompts this month!

Appreciating: Well, this is an easy one, My husband of 20 years, today. We have been together since we were seventeen and he is still my rock, my best friend, my fellow explorer of this world and parenting, my love, just my everything. We have grown and changed so much over the years but we have always grown in the same direction.

Ordering: Christmas gifts and baby firepits for our porch, which we think we are really going to need this fall. Also anniversary gifts and er, my own birthday gift..

Planning: Our winter projects, my reading list, small celebrations for the three of us for Thanksgiving, comfort meals. I made cottage pie the other night and we ate it with cider to toast with. It was delicious and perfect for the cold blustery day we were having!

Perfecting: Not much! Lol. We are working on our pie and bread making this month, which is becoming a tradition. Other than that, I guess I am perfecting how to be cozy and hygge. Lots of tea, blankets, books, warm sweaters.

Wearing: At the beginning of fall, I ordered a few new things and I am loving this sweatshirt cardigan I bought from Tentree. It is cozy and warm and has a hood, plus little thumb holes. And pockets! It is perfect.

That is it for this month! Stay safe everyone!


34 thoughts on “Currently…November

  1. Carolyn

    So glad you bought the Tentree cardi you wanted!! And baby firepits? Well, thank you. That’s just the patio hygge I need. And I’ve never even HEARD of a baby firepit. Sweet and lovely. Beautiful picture of those leaves… And happy anniversary to you two! Love those side by side photos!! xo

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  2. It was kind of weird timing for writing this post, wasn’t it? I managed to use it as kind of an escape from reality, but I can see also having a really hard time coming up with anything to write, in light of all of the feels… But I’m glad you joined in! And happy anniversary! I really love the sentiment about growing together – my husband and I started dating when we were 16, which is 20 years ago this month, and I feel the same way. Ooh and that cardigan does look completely perfect!

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